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Simply Kind Hearted Launches Two Treat Lines

Glenn Polyn//June 9, 2020//

Simply Kind Hearted Launches Two Treat Lines

Glenn Polyn //June 9, 2020//

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Press release: Gimborn USA

Gimborn USA, Inc. is introducing an indulgent and healthy set of treats for cats and dogs under the brand Simply Kind Hearted. Simply Kind Hearted is launching two treat lines in July: Squeezables, which are premium oil-based lickable cat and dog treats, and Munchables, crunchy cat treats. In addition to treats, cat milk replacement is a part of the portfolio, including a larger size to support breeders and shelters. Aimed at putting the fun in functional, Simply Kind Hearted treats are highly palatable ways to bond with and support your pet’s health. Simply Kind Hearted offers 18 recipes: from Digestive Care to Skin & Coat and from Multi-Vitamin to Vitality.

Gimborn brands have been trusted by European pet parents for over 160 years and are No. 1 in the lickable treats category in Germany. Simply Kind Hearted was crafted to meet the needs of the North American pet parents and their fur babies. “Pet parents are being more conscious about what they feed their pet every day. I am so excited to launch a brand that cares about the holistic health of my fur baby and is fun and delicious at the same time,” said Christine Kirby, Marketing Director.

Simply Kind Hearted Squeezables are a great bonding tool that can be served in three primary ways: directly from the tube, by hand, or on food as a topper. Munchables can be mixed with food or fed directly, and are a great tool to incentivize a cat’s instinct to play. All products are non-GMO and the majority of the line has no sugar added. All treats are intended for daily use, preventive health, and are fortified for optimal nutrition – varieties are made with essential vitamins and nutrients such as malt, zinc, taurine, and L-Carnitine.

Consumers can find Simply Kind Hearted on Amazon and at their local pet specialty store starting in July. The brand has been active with pre-launch activities, and its Instagram page is live. Consumers who interact with the brand online, review it on Amazon, or tag it on Instagram and/or TikTok could receive one free year of Simply Kind Hearted treats.