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SEO For Pet Industry Manufacturers

SEO For Pet Industry Manufacturers

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What is Search Engine Optimization? 

Search engine optimization is making changes to your website to improve your visibility in search engine results. Brands want their websites to rank near the top of search results for specific keywords. The better you rank in search results, the more traffic you’ll get on your site.  

4 Reasons Why SEO Matters for Pet Industry Manufacturers 

Effective SEO is essential because: 

  • 68% of all trackable website visitors come from natural search (1) 
  • 75% of searches stop on the first page of results (2)  
  • 78% of clicks go to the top five search results on the first page (3) 
  • The top result on Google gets 13X as many clicks as the tenth result (4) 

What Drives Your Search Rank? 

Various factors contribute to how high your website appears in search results relevant to pet retailers and other potential customers for your business. These include: 

  • The quality and depth of your content on the topic 
  • The speed that your pages load 
  • How much website traffic you receive 
  • How many sites have content related to the topic 
  • The number of sites linking to your content (link building) 
  • How recently you posted/updated the content 

Search engines like Google also favor websites that present well on mobile screens and have well-designed pages and sitemaps. Everything they do is about finding great content wherever it may be. Google and other search engines have very sophisticated technology to identify the best content on a particular topic. In this case, they will concentrate on ensuring relevant content for pet store decision-makers because they are your target audience. Years ago, companies tried to use a specific search term many times on one page to improve their rank. Now, Google calls that “term stuffing” and penalizes you for it.  

Essential Things to Know About Pet Industry SEO 

You want to score highly on terms that will help you be better known and do more business. Sometimes those are popular terms. But often, manufacturers like you do better by focusing on specific “niche” terms that appeal to pet retailers. Keyword research is critical here. 

Remember that you want to attract retailers to your business, not necessarily everyone. Pinpoint the terms that will matter to them so you can focus your resources on the best opportunities. Often the most popular terms appeal to consumers rather than companies that can buy your products.  

You cannot create a single web page that ranks highly for everything. You need to offer pages and content specifically focused on different terms. A good rule of thumb for SEO solutions is to assume that one page can only score highly on one term. Also, search engines prefer longer content to short pages because they are more likely to provide a comprehensive discussion of a topic.  

How To Develop an SEO Plan 

First, identify the best words for your effort. Find an SEO services expert who knows the pet industry. An SEO company is one approach to take; another is to work with a leading pet media company like Pet Age. Once your pet industry expert resource has identified the right SEO keywords, you can work together to build content that can rank highly as a search result. 

Note that writing quality content that indexes well is both science and art. SEO efforts can’t drive results overnight. Google and other search engines track billions of web pages, and changes in your rank will happen over weeks and months. There are many software tools to help you track your rank.  

Get in Touch 

At Pet Age, our mission is to help companies do more business and grow the industry. If you’d like more ideas and insights on making SEO work for your business, get in touch with one of our marketing experts by filling out the form below.  

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