February 19, 2019

Cats scratching either humans or household items is common for cat-owning consumers. But many of those consumers do not realize there are many benefits for cat to scratch. It keeps their claws in proper shape, allowing them to shed loose layers from their claws. Removing those dead layers is a key part of keeping their claws healthy and sharp. It’s also great exercise for them and a good way for them to reduce stress.

Manufacturers and retailers should educate cat-owning consumers on these benefits, especially to divert them from de-clawing their cats. The de-clawing procedure is dangerous and painful for cats, and it is equivalent to cutting off each finger at the last knuckle on a person.

Thanks to pet product manufacturers, there are a variety of innovative products designed for cats to exert healthy scratching habits, including the more notable scratching posts. Scratching posts come in a variety of styles and shapes, some are even built into furniture. A tall scratching post lets cats stretch their whole body and paws. Stretching helps keep their muscles in good health and shape so they can continue to run and pounce. And in a resident that has multiple cats, scratching posts can be a communication device because cats have scent glands in their paws that allow them to mark their territory and determine their rank in the household.

The following products in the category of cat scratching are made of durable materials and have a modern twist. Their versatility highlights the benefits of scratching and pair well with catnip and toys to further catch a cat’s attention.

Retailers should educate customers about these and similar products on the market that can deter cats from scratching what isn’t theirs and instead guide their feline instincts to options designed for them to both scratch and enjoy.



Sticky Paws!

Manufactured from inert and non-toxic materials, the one and only Sticky Paws! can control cat scratching behavior in a humane manner. Transparent, medical-grade adhesive strips apply directly to furnishings and are harmless to cats and furniture when used as directed. The strips are specifically formulated to have just the right amount of tactile feel that cat’s dislike.






obama - tapping the chest


Politikats Scratching Post

Cats have opinions, and these cat scratchers from Politikats allow them to express theirs. Theswe sisal-wrapped posts stand approximately two feet tall and feature an individually cast, hand-painted head of political figures, which include Donald Trump, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin.






Cat Scratcher LoungeCat Scratcher Lounge

If cats are old pros at anything, it is rest and relaxation. The Cat Scratcher Lounge by Pet Fusion gives cats their own curvy scratching surface to let them exercise their natural instinct and a comfy space to take an afternoon siesta. It’s made of recycled cardboard and nontoxic corn starch glue and is specially designed for safe and easy scratching.


Prevuew modern cat furniture


Modern Cat Furniture

Prevue Pet Product’s line of cat furniture features a variety of sleek and modern furniture designs. Prevue has carefully selected fabrics and colors that easily incorporate into home decor and appeal to the modern cat parent. The product’s Knock-Down design makes for easier store display and reduces shipping costs, product damage and waste.







Coastal Turbo ScratcherTurbo Scratcher

The Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy by Coastal Pet Products includes a spinning ball, non-skid feet and scratch pad with catnip included. The scratch pad keeps cats entertained so they don’t chew or tear furniture. This product also comes with replacement pads for more use and continued play that is encouraged. Additional replacement pads also available.



Petique Feline-Chateau Cat House



Feline Chateau Cat House by Petique

Feline Château Cat House is the perfect place for feline friends to roam around like royalty. Made of compressed, recycled cardboard that is strong enough to accommodate several cats, it also includes multiple scratch boards inside! As if that’s not “paw-sitively” amazing, did we mention it’s non-toxic and easy to build? Furry friends will be “puuuuring” with satisfaction!







The appearance of the Nifty scratcher mimics a canoe, with a flat middle area and curved sides. The design features a surface that mocks natural tree bark to encourage active scratching on the product, rather than home furniture. Made in the USA from recycled paper, and can be recycled. Comes with a bag of 100 percent certified organic catnip and measures nine inches deep.





FELISCRATCH is clinically proven to stop and prevent both vertical and horizontal destructive scratching in the home by redirecting cats to scratch in the right places, such as their scratching post instead of furniture. It is a naturally derived, drug-free solution.









CLAWGUARD Furniture Shield

The CLAWGUARD Furniture Shield is made of durable Marine-grade vinyl and is perfect for sofas, armchairs, couches, loveseats, ottomans, baskets and more! It’s easy to install, reposition and remove as needed, and clear-head nickel-plated steel upholstery twist pins are included for ease of use.









Jackson Galaxy Convertible and Combo Scratchers 2



Jackson Galaxy Convertible and Combo Scratchers

The Constellation Convertible Scratcher and the Combo Scratcher are made from dense corrugate to keep cats happy and scratching longer. The pieces can be used together or separately to create new configurations and keep cats engaged. They feature corrugate on all sides to provide more surfaces for scratching, and come with organic USA-grown catnip.


Arty Cat ScratcherArty Cat Scratcher - P.L.A.Y.

P.L.A.Y.’s new versatile two-in-one Arty Cat Scratcher is a stylish retreat featuring multiple surfaces and angles to handle every cat’s needs. Its curved design separates into two pieces and can be used together or apart to provide more than one scratching outlet in customers’ homes. Whether a cat desires to scratch, lounge or play, this innovative design has everything covered.


Refined Feline - CALYPSO-Scratcher-2-HR


Calypso Cat Scratcher

Super strong poly rattan weaved around an eye catching design, the Calypso Everlasting Cat Scratcher makes a great cat scratching post as well as a beautiful floor accent piece. Made of durable poly rattan wrapped around wire frame, it is built to last. Its weighted bottom resists tipping, and it is tall enough for large cats to stretch and scratch.


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