Scott Family Reflects on RAWZ Fund, Commitment to Recovery, Rehabilitation

Glenn Polyn//January 19, 2023//

Scott Family Reflects on RAWZ Fund, Commitment to Recovery, Rehabilitation

Glenn Polyn //January 19, 2023//

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Press release: RAWZ

With the start of the 2022 business year, RAWZ Natural Pet Food recently announced that it is grateful to all those pet parents, pets, and their independent retail partners who have joined their mission of improving the lives of people and pets through minimally processed pet nutrition. This years’ donation of $500,000 puts the total given to the RAWZ Fund’s non-profit partners at over $2 million.

The Scott family, who are the founders of RAWZ, have a long tradition of commitment to animal nutrition that began with Jim Scott Sr. and Old Mother Hubbard dog biscuit company in 1961. After launching and operating the Wellness Pet Food Company for nearly 10 years, life-changing injuries sustained by both Jim Jr. and Janet’s two sons over a 15-month period from April 2005 to July 2006 brought the couple’s focus to rehabilitating the boys. Having been blessed with a successful exit from Wellness and, more importantly, the boys progressive recoveries; the family felt a drive to give back using their experience in the industry.

Initially, causes directly intertwined in the boy’s recoveries (Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Northeast Passage, Krempels Center) were supported along with the mission of providing service dogs. As RAWZ expanded its geographical reach, in order to positively impact more lives; RAWZ now supports various service dog providers in Canada and the United States, and multiple cat and dog rescue organizations.

“At Northeast Passage, we work every day to make good things happen in the lives of people with disabilities through engagement in sports and recreation,” said Jill Gravink, executive director of Northeast Passage, program of the University of New Hampshire. “As one participant put it, ‘Your programs have shown me that there are no limits to what I can do.’ The support we receive from RAWZ is instrumental in our ability to expand opportunities and challenge the perception and limits of disability.”