Vetericyn: Science with Conscience

Glenn Polyn//November 26, 2019

Vetericyn: Science with Conscience

Glenn Polyn //November 26, 2019

Pet Age recently spoke with Scott Van Winkle, vice president of Vetericyn, about what the company is doing to be at the forefront of the pet wellness sector of the industry.

What was the inspiration for Vetericyn being launched in 2009?
Vetericyn’s founder, Bob Burlingame, has had a passion for animals since childhood. With much success as entrepreneur in his other businesses, Mr. Burlingame came across the technology that we utilize in our Plus line of wound and skin care products. He knew he wanted to bring this technology over to the animals from the human health industry, and that was the start of Vetericyn.

How would you describe Vetericyn’s range of products?
Our Vetericyn Animal Wellness products are most recognized by the wound and skin care line of products we offer called Vetericyn Plus. This includes our liquid and hydrogel products for wound and hot-spot care as well as consumer favorites for eye and ear care. In recent years, we have invested a lot in research and development of new technologies and now have our instant-foaming shampoo line called FoamCare along with a new product we recently launched called ALL-IN, a life-stage supplement for puppies, adult and senior dogs. And for those readers that love selling our brand in their stores: We are just getting started and have more innovative products in the pipeline!

How did Vetericyn Plus reinvent the topical wound care category?
When I think back to the wound and skin care category prior to 2009, it was becoming stagnant with old technology and little education was provided to pet parents for at-home care. With our wound and skin care technologies coming to market at that time, it was exciting to recharge the category and finally offer something that was non-toxic, non-stinging, safe if licked or ingested and highly effective! The safety features of Vetericyn have empowered pet owners to do more at home in preventative care and addressing wound and skin irritations before they need veterinary attention. Our impact in the category has also allowed stores to make more margin dollars and be a better educational resource for their store customers with all the point-of-purchase materials we offer to support the category.

What technology and product development went into the creation of the ALL-IN line of dog supplements
The ALL-IN supplement line was a new category for us, and we spent more than three years developing the product and making sure it was a line of consumer-centric offerings that would really benefit and improve the quality of life for dogs. The product technology and ingredients are backed by eight unique patents that have never been seen in the animal health space before.  It is certainly not another me-too product with some fancy marketing behind it. As with our Vetericyn Plus line, we look forward to hearing stories from dog owners of how this product has improved their quality of life.

Why was it important that ALL-IN was designed for different life stages?
Because nutritional requirements of dogs change as they age, we focused on creating three life-stage formulas of ALL-IN: puppy, adult and senior. Each life-stage formula is designed to support the key biological needs of dogs in their respective age group. From a focus on growth and development as a puppy, to performance and recovery during adulthood, to restoration and rejuvenation for the aging system of a senior dog, ALL-IN provides a powerful way to help your dog be their happiest and healthiest throughout their life.

The life-stage profile of a dog (Canis lupus familiaris) varies according to its breed and adult size. Smaller breeds often live over 15 to 16 years, medium and large size dogs typically 10 to 13 years, while some giant dog breeds often only seven to eight years. By understanding the inherent needs of various life stages, we can take specific precautionary measures to enhance the health, performance and life expectancy of a dog.


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