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Scenthound Announces Record-Breaking Growth in 2021

Julia Rivera//July 19, 2021//

Scenthound Announces Record-Breaking Growth in 2021

Julia Rivera //July 19, 2021//

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Press release: Scenthound

The $100 billion pet industry is experiencing tremendous growth with pet ownership and spending at an all-time high. Nearly 70 percent of U.S. households own at least one pet and spending has increased 35 percent year-over-year, according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA).

As the nation’s first wellness-focused, membership-based dog grooming franchise, Scenthound continues to disrupt the pet industry with its unique approach to dog care and this has potential franchise owners’ tails wagging. The Florida-based franchise has sold 64 units this year through Q2, which included two 20-pack deals (in Atlanta and Maryland/Virginia) and its most recent multi-unit agreement for 10 units in Nashville, Tennessee and Birmingham, Alabama.

Since starting to franchise in late 2019, Scenthound has sold nearly 100 “Scenters” across 12 states while also opening eight new locations since December 2020 (representing 160 percent growth in open units).

Beyond its sales and opening growth, Scenthound used its Q1/Q2 momentum to build out its scalable infrastructure and partner relationships for future success, including:  

  • Addition of notable investors including Groupon co-founder Eric Lefkofsky and Orangetheory Fitness CEO and co-founder David Long, who has also joined the Advisory Board.
  • Launch of its new consumer-facing mobile app with digital S.C.E.N.T Check, providing dog parents with a trackable digital health record of their pup(s).

“With our rapid growth and recent technology innovations, it’s truly an exciting time to be a part of Scenthound,” stated Scenthound CEO Tim Vogel. “This year has started strong and as we continue to scale the brand, we look forward to continuing to build tools and resources to help our franchise partners to be successful operating in their communities across the country. We are looking forward to building on this great momentum in the back half of 2021.”

Scenthound was founded in 2015 after Vogel spent more than 10 years running both a mobile grooming business and local grooming Scenters, witnessing firsthand the shortcomings within a booming pet industry and the lack of education surrounding dog care. Vogel began a mission to give dogs and their owners a fast, easy and affordable solution that not only keeps them clean and looking great but maintains their overall health and wellness.

With Scenters open across the country, Scenthound is focused on growing this innovative pet wellness concept in new markets including Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas, with qualified franchise partners who are passionate about helping dogs in their community stay clean and healthy. 

Founded in 2015 and franchising since 2019, Scenthound is a wellness-centered, membership-based dog grooming franchise. The model takes a unique approach to grooming with a focus on the five core areas of routine and preventive care for dogs: Skin, Coat, Ears, Nails and Teeth (SCENT). Scenthound currently has 98 locations sold, open or under development across 12 states.