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Scenthound Announces Partnership With Groomer’s Choice as Nationwide Supplier

Glenn Polyn//February 10, 2021//

Scenthound Announces Partnership With Groomer’s Choice as Nationwide Supplier

Glenn Polyn //February 10, 2021//

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Press release: Scenthound

In anticipation of its rapid growth, dog wellness franchise Scenthound has announced its partnership with national pet product manufacturer Groomer’s Choice to provide equipment, tools, and supplies to Scenthound’s rapidly expanding franchise system. This announcement comes shortly after Scenthound has announced its expansion plans to sign agreements for 100 new franchise units in 2021 and open 35 new Scenters.

Groomer’s Choice specializes in distributing quality tools, equipment, shampoos & conditioners, and more. Recently named a “Major Player in the Pet Shampoo Industry & Grooming Product Industry” by Transparency Market Research and frequently listed as an Amazon best seller, Groomer’s Choice’s partnership with Scenthound will bring its highly acclaimed products to new Scenters across the country. Through a custom portal that is personalized for each franchisee, Scenthound owners can get all of the tools and equipment they need to operate successfully.

“Our national expansion is really starting to take off, and we wanted to make sure that we found the perfect partner to set our franchisees up for success,” said Scenthound CEO Tim Vogel. “We knew that we wanted to work with a highly regarded brand to ensure that all of our franchisees across the country are getting the quality tools that they need to be successful. Our dogs are like family, so we want to make sure we are taking care of them using the best equipment possible.”

Scenthound focuses on the five core areas of dog care and maintenance: Skin, Coat, Ears, Nails, and Teeth. By providing preventive care services that are critical to a dog’s overall health and wellness, the franchise has been able to stay open throughout the pandemic and keep customers coming back through its membership plans.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Scenthound at such a critical time in the franchise’s growth,” said Dan Dressen, CEO of Groomer’s Choice. “Tim is so passionate about making a difference in dogs’ lives and we are proud to have a part in helping Scenthound live out its mission. We are proud to provide them with the right tools to help pups feel their best after their monthly Scenthound visit.”

The brand currently has eight Scenters open and another 28 in development across the country. Eight of Scenthound’s 35 locations slated to open in 2021 are set to open in the first quarter. New locations include metro areas of major cities like Atlanta, Las Vegas, Miami and Raleigh. Following its strong 2020, the brand is poised to sell over 100 new units in 2021 in these cities and other markets across the country.