Rocket Fuel Treats: Polkadog Partners With Boston Bruins Star Charlie McAvoy

Glenn Polyn//November 14, 2022//

Rocket Fuel Treats: Polkadog Partners With Boston Bruins Star Charlie McAvoy

Glenn Polyn //November 14, 2022//

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Press release: Polkadog

Charlie McAvoy, star defenseman for the Boston Bruins, and his dog Otto have recently announced they have partnered with Polkadog, the Boston-based company that handcrafts all-natural, limited-ingredient dog treats at the Boston Fish Pier, to launch a co-branded dog treat named Rocket Fuel.

Handmade with love by Polkadog for Otto and McAvoy, Rocket Fuel is a three-ingredient, U.S.A. farm-raised chicken treat mixed with long-grain brown rice and potato flour for a perfectly delicate crunch. These chicken bones are dehydrated daily at Polkadog’s Boston Fish Pier kitchen, and are as healthy as they are delicious! Rocket Fuel will be available in all eight Polkadog Bakery retail locations and online beginning on November 14.

The partnership, inspired by Otto and McAvoy’s adventures around Boston and their love for the Polkadog Bakery Seaport store, includes a video series titled “On the Go with Charlie and Otto.” The video series chronicles the wholesome relationship between McAvoy and his french bulldog Otto McAvoy, as they navigate through the streets in the city of Boston.

To celebrate Rocket Fuel’s debut, on November 15, fans will get the exciting opportunity to attend a meet-and-greet with McAvoy and Otto at the Boston Seaport Polkadog Bakery (119 Seaport Blvd), from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. (EST). During the event, customers who purchase four Rocket Fuel tubes will receive one signed by McAvoy.

“Otto and I are so excited to partner with Polkadog, a shop we have been fans of since Otto joined the family,” McAvoy said. “Growing up in a household with a dad who owned a small business, I feel a special connection with Polkadog’s local roots in the Boston community. Us McAvoys look forward to a long, healthy and tasty future with Polkadog!”

“We’re beyond thrilled to be teaming up with Otto and, of course, Charlie on this super fun and tasty adventure,” said Polkadog founder Rob Van Sickle. “As a Boston-based company with roots in many of our local neighborhoods, what better way to spread the Polkadog love than partnering with a couple of hometown heroes to make an out of this world delicious treat!”


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