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ReliOx Launches New Odor Eliminator

Megan Jander//August 19, 2019//

ReliOx Launches New Odor Eliminator

Megan Jander //August 19, 2019//

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Press release: ReliOx Corporation

The newest player in the odor elimination market harnesses the power of chlorine dioxide green chemistry with a patented on-demand trigger spray that creates a safe and effective solution proven to eliminate all pet odors. VetiOx, a brand of ReliOx Corporation, is making its debut at SuperZoo. 

“This product will fundamentally transform the way the world addresses the offensive odors generated by pets in millions of homes and veterinary clinics across the country,” said ReliOx Corporation CEO Eric Johnson. 

Chlorine Dioxide is the most effective and safe deodorizer known but until now it’s short shelf life and method of delivery has made it impractical and not effective for public use. The team at ReliOx has developed an “on demand” spray bottle system with special resin beads that creates safe, pH-neutral chlorine dioxide in water. Unlike other products available in the market, VetiOx naturally reduces noxious chemicals to their basic elements. It eliminates the source of the odor by destroying the cause of the odor, rather than masking it with a scent or perfume. It leaves no odor behind and is completely safe for contact with humans, animals and the environment. 

“The backbone of our technology comes from scientists at the University of Florida who developed a product for the US Department of Defense. Our initial feedback and testimonials confirm this technology is already improving the lives of pets and their owners,” Johnson adds. 

VetiOx was formulated in the USA and is made utilizing certified green chemistry. For more information on this revolutionary new product please visit the website or stop by booth #4660 at the SuperZoo show.