R2P Pet to Unveil New Pet Specialty Exclusive Line at Global Pet Expo 2017

Pet Age Staff//February 3, 2017//

R2P Pet to Unveil New Pet Specialty Exclusive Line at Global Pet Expo 2017

Pet Age Staff //February 3, 2017//

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R2P Pet will debut Instincts, a new pet specialty exclusive line of dog and cat products, at the upcoming Global Pet Expo 2017 (March 22-24) in Orlando, Florida. The comprehensive new line will include a wide range of pet toys, beds and accessories designed specifically for pet specialty retailers.

“Innovation, durability and value are the most important factors to today’s pet consumer. While there are individual products that deliver on one or two of these objectives, few, if any, are able to check all the boxes,” says Nick Yerton, CEO of R2P Pet. “Our goal is a comprehensive product line that delivers on all three attributes. We are going to significantly raise the bar in regards to what’s available within the pet specialty channel.”

The Instincts line of dog toys will include multiple assortments designed to target different doggy needs. From plush dog toys with stitched in liners for longer-lasting play to a brand new ultra-durable material never before seen in the pet industry, Instincts dog toys will provide pet specialty retailers with a wide range of options to satisfy their customer’s needs.


Mega Mutt by Instincts

The Mega Mutt by Instincts assortment of modern, eye-catching dog toys is made from an extremely durable PU material that is brand new to the pet industry. This ultra-durable line of dog toys stands up to the heaviest chewers and dogs that like to play rough.

Hush Plush by Instincts

Hush Plush by Instincts dog toys are designed with a unique “ON/OFF switch” that gives pets more ways to play. Switch the squeaker ON for loud, raucous fun or OFF for gentle, quiet play. The choice is yours—to squeak or not to squeak?

Chew Shoes by Instincts

Chew Shoes by Instincts are irresistible, chew-worthy toys designed with the classic sneaker in mind. Playtime will never get old with the fun combination of super soft plush, ballistic nylon, and textured rubber.

Waggish by Instincts

Waggish by Instincts small dog toys are designed specifically for small breed dogs. With fun and playful characters, bright colors and a variety of materials, Waggish toys appeal to the chasers, the chewers, the snugglers and everyone in between.


The Instincts line of cat toys will feature a variety of assortments that are sure to bring out a cat’s natural behaviors and tendencies. Fun characters, materials, sounds and a unique combination of catnip and silvervine will provide pet specialty retailers with a stand out offering that is unique and on trend.

Instincts Kooky

Instincts Kooky cat toys offer cat parents on trend toys that are whimsical, wild and wacky. These irresistible toys come in a variety Instincts-Cat-Toys-Combinedof adorable characters and are filled with silvervine and catnip.

Instincts Crinklers

Instincts Crinklers are all crinkle and fun. These no-stuffing cat toys feature cute characters, an appealing crinkling sound, and a unique combination of catnip and silvervine.

Instincts Prey

Instincts Prey cat toys encourage a cat’s natural instinct to stalk and hunt. The life-like size, floppy appendages and high-quality plush fabric mimics that of actual prey. The signature Instincts catnip and silvervine fill make these toys even more enticing.


In addition to the new Instincts pet specialty line, R2P Pet will have their new domestic bedding pallet program on display. The domestic bedding pallet program will focus on exceptional quality and design at a market leading value, and will include premium bed assortments from Simmons and Beautyrest, Stuft, and Instincts. The new pallet program will change seasonally, allowing retailers to refresh their assortments and provide their customers with a fresh option each time they shop.

“…Our domestic bedding program will give our retail partners a convenient, promotion focused pallet packed solution of our premium designs,” Yerton said.



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