Quality Marine Receives Aquacultured Multicolor and Flame Angels

September 8, 2016

Quality Marine announced the arrival of aquacultured Flame Angels & Multicolor Angels at their Los Angeles Facility. According to the company, the animals are a Quality Marine exclusive being bred and raised at a partner culture facility.

This marks the first time an aquacultured Multicolor Angel has been commercially available and, as such, the company cautions that quantities for this initial shipment are extremely limited. While Flame Angels have been available in North America in the past, it has been some time since, according to a Quality Marine press release.

According to Quality Marine, Flame Angels (Centropyge loriculus) are a fairly common fish in the Central Pacific ocean. They generally occur in less than 60 meters of water, where they are found in harems of three to seven individuals. Their stunning coloration and small adult size have made them popular in the aquarium hobby. Multicolor Angels (Centropyge multicolor) are another extremely colorful fish. While they are less commonly seen, they have a much larger natural range than the Flame Angel. They are commonly found deeper than the Flame Angel but in harems of the same size and type.

Both of these fish are excellent for the home aquarium, especially in their aquacultured form.  The maximum size is about four inches and they can be kept in a wide variety of aquariums, though Quality Marine recommends caution when attempting to keep them with corals or clams. While some keepers have reported long term success keeping Centropyge genus fish in aquariums with invertebrates, other aquarists have reported that the angels will pick on inverts to the latter’s detriment. For long term success housing these animals, Quality Marine recommends keepers feed these fish at least twice each day with a variety of high quality foods and plenty of swimming room.

Quality Marine reports that the company is unsure when their facility will be able to raise more to a marketable size, due to aquaculturing challenges. Therefore, quantities are limited.

The animals will be on display at booth #718 at MACNA in San Diego (September 9 to 11), along with many other aquacultured animals available to Quality Marine customers, including the Yellow Tangs from Rising Tide, Yasha Gobies from Roger Williams University and Royal Grammas from Batavia Coast Maritime Institute (BCMI), Central Regional Tafe.

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