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Pura Naturals Pet, Karma Rescue Help American Vets

Pet Age Staff//August 30, 2017//

Pura Naturals Pet, Karma Rescue Help American Vets

Pet Age Staff //August 30, 2017//

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Pura Naturals Pet is proud to announce their new partnership with Karma Rescue as a sponsor for their new Philanthropy Program.

To kick off this program, Pura Naturals Pet donated $20,000 of product, and is backing their sponsorship with company volunteer hours, advertising exposure and a product tie-in for big box, for the Paws for Life Program. Pura Naturals Pet grooming and health & wellness products will be used on all dogs going through the program. To date, 136 dogs have been rescued and placed. It is Pura Naturals Pet’s goal to save pets and increase the adoption rate of dogs placed with American Veterans, according to a company statement.

“As we grew our business at Pura Naturals Pet, we knew we wanted to create a meaningful program to give back to our industry and the community,” stated Julie Creed, VP of sales and marketing. “Karma Rescue has an outstanding reputation. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner than their team in furthering the support of pet wellness that we share. I’m eager to experience first-hand the success of their latest graduates. We know the value a pet provides to one’s spirit. Being an American Made company, it’s a privilege for us to aid in pairing canines with our nation’s Veterans.”

Karma Rescue is dedicated to saving the lives of harder-to-place dogs through strengthening the animal-human bond. Karma Rescue’s Paws for Life program rescues dogs in animal shelters that are designated for euthanasia and places them with inmates in maximum security prisons. The inmates are taught by Karma trainers how to teach the dogs “Good Canine Citizenship.” The dogs graduate out of the program as ‘highly adoptable’ and are placed by Karma Rescue in forever homes. Karma’s newest program places dogs into prison-based training to respond to the symptoms of PTSD. Dogs learn about 60 commands, where the service dog can retrieve medication and recognize emotional distress. Dogs that graduate are then placed with suffering veterans to support their recovery.

“It takes a powerful community of engaged and compassionate people and their diverse resources to accomplish our work,” said Robin M. Keefe, Karma Rescue’s CEO. “We are proud and grateful of our new partnership with Pura Naturals Pet.  Oh, what we will accomplish together!”

Over 1.2 million U.S. war veterans suffer from PTSD; nearly half go untreated. The United States also has over 1.2 million abandoned dogs across the country. Pura Naturals Pet’s goal is to match vets with dogs and help solve this problem.

For information on Pura Naturals Pet, visit or call customer service at (844) 698-4367. To donate directly to Karma Rescue, access