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Introducing Puppy Bowl XI

Rebekah Harrison//January 20, 2015//

Introducing Puppy Bowl XI

Rebekah Harrison //January 20, 2015//

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By now, everyone should be gearing up for the big game. No, not that game! The 2015 Puppy Bowl of course!

Animal Planet‘s Puppy Bowl XI will air on February 1.

It is time to get pumped! Check out this sneak peek of the 2015 game! Fantasy players can also draft their dream team of puppies here!

We at Pet Age have an in… with two different Puppy Bowl contenders!

Both these puppies hail from Florida Little Dog Rescue Group based in St. Cloud, Fla. Florida Little Dog Rescue rehabilitates  unwanted, abused and abandoned little dogs and places them in loving and responsible homes to live out their lives as cherished family members.

Two of those homes are with our very own account manager Brianne Molnar and our very dear friend Michelle Maskaly!

Brianne adopted Rosie on October 2014 and Michelle adopted Team Ruff member Bubba (who has since been renamed Maddux) at the same time. Both pups will be competing in this year’s big game!

Name: Rosie

Age: 7 months

Breed: Havanese Mix

Nickname: Nosey Rosey

Likes: Playing with friends at the park, playing fetch at the beach and cuddles with Mommy

Dislikes: Rainy days

Favorite Food: Freeze-dried treats and lamb ears

Name: Maddux (aka Bubba)

Age: 6 months

Breed: Rat terrier/Chihuahua mix

Nicknames: Maddie-Ducks, Mush Mush, Maddie-Addy

Likes: Playing with his big brother Toby, morning walks near the lake, agility and obedience classes, visiting his BFF Jenks, traveling to new places, chewing everything.

Dislikes: snow and rain.

Favorite Food: Popcorn


Pet Age will be watching and rooting for them on Puppy Bowl Sunday! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook for Behind the Scenes looks at Rosie and Maddux as they get ready for the big game!