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Trisha Yearwood Grooming Pack


This kit comes with Trisha Yearwood’s Shampoo & Conditioner, Waterless Bath, Paw Balm, Dog Cologne and Coat Detangler. Use the all-in-one Shampoo & Conditioner for bath time, the Waterless Bath for in between baths, the Paw Balm for paws, elbows and the Coat Detangler for mats and tangles. The Cologne is used to keep your […] View Product →

Swedencare Grooming Products


Swedencare’s new grooming assortment includes Lyxvara a moisturizing line that includes a pina colada-scented product grouping that incorporates oatmeal and aloe into its soap-free shampoo and EZ Derm cleansing wipes. A therapeutic grooming line, the Swederma Keto-C product group features a fresh cucumber melon scent. It also includes the unscented antiseptic wipes for the topical […] View Product →



Vetoquinol USA announces the availability of the Phovia dermatology system. Phovia helps accelerate natural skin regeneration for most lesions so dogs and cats can recover in up to half the time. Phovia can be used to help heal canine dermatological conditions including surgical incisions, perianal fistulas, interdigital furunculosis and superficial and deep pyoderma. www.vetoquinolusa.com View Product →



The KlipTrio is the first ever patented 3-in-1 pet nail clipper. The triple- function nail clipper, has an integrated, stainless steel nail file, designed with a concave shape, to better scrape the sides of the nails with one simple stroke, ensuring a clean, snag-free clip. With a built-in receptacle, that holds securely in place a […] View Product →



WashBar produces natural, safe and sustainable pet care products that are as effective, if not more than, the popular synthesized alternatives. Since its debut, WashBar has extended its offerings to include a full range of sustainable, all-natural pet shampoos, balms and more that keep pets smelling great (with pure essential oils and no synthetics), help […] View Product →

Aureus Scissors


Aureus is the first high-end scissor range from DezynaDog, a brand built on heritage and experience. Available in straight, curved, thinner and chunker models as well as lefty options, the Aureus’ convex edge finish allows for soft, smooth cutting from every angle. The curved chunker is a completely new addition to DezynaDog and a first […] View Product →

Bobbi Panter Professional Line


Nilodor Pet’s redesigned Bobbi Panter Professional Line packaging features a beautiful new look and the same trusted formula that groomers and pet parents have always preferred. Bobbi Panter is Nilodor’s premier line of products for the pampered pet. The Professional Line is formulated with naturally derived, plant-based ingredients that solve problems and leave a long-lasting […] View Product →

Evolution Dog Wash Mini


Evolution Dog Wash has launched a new model, the Evolution Dog Wash Mini. It offers the same premium Evolution Dog Wash quality and design, but is built on a slightly smaller frame with basic built-in self-serve functions. As with all Evolution Dog Wash models, the Mini is a premium, high-quality, self-serve dog wash that delivers […] View Product →

WAUDOG Relax Mattress


WAUDOG Relax dog beds are made of six cm thick polyurethane foam. It is a warm, airy material that keeps its shape. Each bed comes with removable spunbond mattress covers, which are made of Oxford fabric, durable and pleasant to the touch. They are easy to clean, and the waterproof bottom does not slip on […] View Product →

Zen Habitats


Zen Habitats enclosures and accessories are designed to support the physical and emotional needs of your reptiles. They provide a commercially viable alternative to glass aquariums, which are too small for medium-sized lizards and snakes. The company’s focus is on creating enclosures that can be set up in a variety of configurations, and are beautiful, […] View Product →

Homestead Barn Door Crate


The Homestead Barn Door Crate features a “barn”-style sliding door with sleek black accents and hardware. Pet owners can easily see their pets within the crate, while a solid lower half allows for peace and privacy while pets are sleeping or resting. Bringing form and function to the home, this 2-in-1 piece of furniture doubles […] View Product →

CBD Pet Balm


CBDfx’s Calming & Moisturizing CBD Pet Balm is made with 750 mg organic broad spectrum CBD, odorless Alaskan salmon oil to promote healthy skin and coat, hydrating shea butter, plantbased Candelilla wax and active botanicals known for their healing properties. This soothing balm helps soothe aches and pains, relieve hot spots and calm nervous or […] View Product →



ALZOO is a natural pest repellent brand for dogs, cats and horses which uses gentle formulas and ingredients such as great smelling essential oils, to repel parasites such as fleas, ticks and lice so that they never come into contact with your pet. Laboratory tests have shown active ingredients in ALZOO’s products both reduce the […] View Product →

My Lush Puppy


My Lush Puppy is a collection of high end organic, vegan, plant-based shampoo and conditioner for pets, created by Jill Turnbull, founder of Jill Turnbull Beauty. With all-natural pet pH balanced ingredients, My Lush Puppy is safe and effective for even the most sensitive fur babies. Organic plant-based extracts, oils and herbs in the formula […] View Product →

Andis Vida Cordless Clipper


The Vida is an adjustable five-position precision blade clipper with a slimmer, lighter weight design to help reduce fatigue for groomers and provide the ability to clip sensitive and hard to reach areas on animals with ease. This clipper also comes with a USB-C charging port, convenient for charging the lithium-ion battery in the salon […] View Product →

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