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Probiotic Maker Achieves NASC Preferred Supplier Status

Glenn Polyn//October 6, 2020//

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Probiotic Maker Achieves NASC Preferred Supplier Status

Glenn Polyn //October 6, 2020//

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Press release: CanBiocin

CanBiocin, creator of species-specific probiotics for companion animals, is pleased to announce its recognition as a member of the National Animal Supplement Council’s (NASC) Preferred Supplier Program, having successfully met the organization’s rigorous standards.

CanBiocin develops species-specific probiotics that are naturally occurring, and sourced and selected for their ability to improve gastrointestinal health of pets. With the NASC status, CanBiocin joins an exclusive group that strives for quality, vigilance, and continuous improvement to promote the well-being of animals.

Pre-requisites for acceptance into the NASC Preferred Supplier Program include: successfully passing an independent facility audit; demonstrating ongoing compliance in multiple areas including quality control manuals, labelling guidelines and random product testing by an independent lab to ensure accurate label claims. CanBiocin’s commitment to excellence meets and exceeds required Quality Management System Standards. Its Quality Assurance and Quality Control programs ensure each batch of species-specific probiotics is of the highest quality and are compliant with federal government oversight requirements.

As a supplier of species-specific probiotics to support animal health and wellness, membership in the NASC demonstrates CanBiocin’s dedication to industry advancement. NASC members are committed to developing and sharing knowledge that builds the animal health industry.

“We’ve dedicated ourselves to creating industry-leading, species-specific probiotics for inclusion in pet food, pet treats and pet supplements,” said CanBiocin CEO Dr. J.F. (Jake) Burlet. “We are proud to have this third-party validation of our product and processes to provide further assurance to our manufacturing clients.”

CanBiocin was founded in 1998 and is a global leader in species-specific companion animal probiotic development. With a mission to build health from the inside out, the company targets overall microbiome health to support all animal body systems and functions. Today, its premium canine and other pet probiotic lines help global pet food manufacturers fill their customers’ need to care for their pets as integral members of their families deserving of the same attention and investment in their health and wellness.

NASC is a nonprofit trade organization comprised of companies committed to providing health supplements and nutritional supplements of the highest quality for companion animals, primarily dogs, cats and horses. NASC provides guidance on regulatory compliance and a standardized oversight process such that pet food, pet treat and pet supplement manufacturers can be assured they are sourcing ingredients of the highest quality and safety to support animal health and wellness.