February 27, 2015

Having just come from hearing about so many concerns, it was a relief to hear the PISC Board turn the conversation around. Instead of discussing problems, myself along with West Paw Design, Planet Dog, “I and love and you,” Worldwise and Natural Capitalism Solutions spent a day and a half discussing the best solutions.

I don’t know if you agree with me but sometimes I get sad and gloomy when I think about the environment and the world my daughter will experience as an adult. Even worse, the solutions seem hard to find, particularly when there continues to be debate about what the real problems are.

I wanted to share with you PISC’s vision for a profitable and sustainable pet industry. The following is a list of indicators that will signify a prosperous future for all:

The industry has improved its environmental and social footprint so that we are causing less disruption to environments around the world, and we are engaging with communities and labor forces in a win–win fashion.

Retailers have set sustainability criteria for all products: This means that buyers know what questions to ask and companies that are authentically addressing their performance will be rewarded.

PISC is one of the most valuable memberships available in the industry, and each of our members meets minimum sustainability performance levels.
PISC plays an active leadership role in the sustainability sector. Currently, you think of the outdoor industry or apparel when you think of sustainability leadership but we think the pet industry can lead too.

PISC invites you to be a part of this vision. I have learned many things in the year that I have worked with this incredible group. Profitability has many variables and sustainability (though still a buzzword) can improve each and every one of them: employee retention and attraction, increasing sales, decreasing risk, stimulating innovation, forging new and reliable business partners, attracting investment dollars, cutting overhead costs… just to name a few.

I encourage you to think about how your company defines profitability in  2015 and to consider membership with the Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition.

-Craig Rexford

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