PetSafe Promotes ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes with Comical Video

Pet Age Staff//February 1, 2018//

PetSafe Promotes ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes with Comical Video

Pet Age Staff //February 1, 2018//

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PetSafe brand, developer of innovative pet behavioral, containment and lifestyle product solutions, will launch its second annual “Catspiracy” consumer awareness campaign today to promote its leading line of ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes. (See the video here.)

The 2018 Catspiracy campaign runs through March 31 and includes updated versions of the light-hearted and humorous consumer-facing “Catspiracy” video, a Catspiracy-themed landing page and digital resources for retail partners, which includes social media posts, creative images and email assets.

“We know cat owners are really tuned in to what’s trending on the internet and in social media —especially when it involves cats,” PetSafe Waste Management Marketing Specialist Tina Ingersoll said. “We want to catch the interest of cat owners with a comical and sharable video and drive them to want to know more about ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes.”

The Catspiracy video is shot from the felines’ point of view. In the new video, cats observe their owners’ odd behavior after purchasing the time-saving and touch-free ScoopFree device, which sweeps the waste away and absorbs odors once the pet is done with its business. The cats adopt numerous conspiracy theories, believing that humans must be harvesting their poo for profit and storing it in obscure places like the moon.

In addition to the release of the updated Catspiracy video and the digital retailer resources, PetSafe will also be working with a variety of online influencers, including @White_Coffee_Cat on Instagram, to promote the campaign to consumers.

PetSafe’s line of ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes can be a solution for cat owners who are looking for a hands-off litter box with odor control. Instead of scooping litter every day, the ScoopFree litter box does all of the work for you. Sensors detect when the cat uses the litter box, then an automatic rake sweeps the waste away into a covered waste compartment. ScoopFree uses PetSafe premium crystal litter that starts absorbing moisture on contact and disposable litter trays for a quick and hassle-free disposal. The disposable litter trays can last up to one month in a single-cat household and are available in original or lavender scent, as well as a sensitive option that is free of all perfumes and dyes. PetSafe also offers an “ultra” version of the ScoopFree litter box that includes a built-in, digital health counter and privacy hood.

Retailers interested in receiving the Catspiracy-themed digital resources should contact their PetSafe sales manager directly, or email [email protected].



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