December 28, 2016

PetPace, the provider of an innovative smart collar for remote continuous monitoring and analysis of pet vital signs and activity, today announced that Medivet, one of the UK’s largest network of veterinary hospitals and clinics, is piloting PetPace for in-clinic and at-home monitoring of its patients. The smart PetPace collar allows Medivet staff to continuously yet non-invasively monitor pet vital signs, pain and stress – enhancing customer service and creating a distinct competitive edge.

Medivet pet care professionals, like caregivers worldwide, were challenged to find the right balance between close monitoring of patient recovery, while minimizing disruption and discomfort. A dog or a cat emerging from surgery or other procedures needs close monitoring to ensure smooth recovery. At the same time, these pets may be confused or in pain, and react poorly to the manipulation involved in taking vital signs.

Medivet chose PetPace to continuously and non-intrusively monitor and analyze patient vital signs and behavior, in-clinic and at home. The PetPace collar is smart, sensor-rich wearable technology for pets that monitors a range of physiological and behavioral attributes. The PetPace collar has been recognized by pet owners and pet healthcare professionals alike for its unique contribution to saving pet lives, streamlining pet healthcare at home and in the clinic, and improving overall quality of life for dogs and cats. The system includes a cloud-based engine for close observation, analysis, timely detection, and alerting of medical and behavioral problems in dogs and cats.

When a pet arrives in a Medivet clinic, a PetPace smart collar is placed on it. Within minutes, the PetPace collar delivers data on the pet’s pulse, respiration, temperature, heart-rate variability (HRV), activity and positions. This data is displayed on a monitor in the clinic, and is also available to veterinary staff via their smartphones or browsers. When the patient emerges from surgery or other procedures, the collar continuously monitors the vital signs, and the pet can rest comfortably without the stress of disruptive checkups.

“What first attracted me to PetPace was the non-invasive way it monitors a myriad of vital signs,” said Dr. Andrew McVey, a veterinary surgeon and partner at Medivet’s Orrell Park practice in Liverpool, UK. “In order to reduce physical manipulations of patients, who can be confused or in pain after surgery, we now simply examine the health reports on the computer, which greatly assists us in assessing the condition of the dog or cat under our care. Furthermore, PetPace alerts us immediately when it detects a change that might signal a problem with our patient, allowing us to treat a potential life-threatening condition immediately. This greatly reduces the risk of undetected subtle abnormal signs in patients that are in a serious condition.”

Beyond the benefits to pets, their owners and pet care professionals PetPace has had positive impact on Medivet’s performance, too. According to Dr. McVey, “Our customers appreciate that with PetPace we are monitoring their pets continuously without disturbing them unnecessarily. They clearly see the advantage of the PetPace collar and believe the nominal fee is a money well spent to ensure their sick pets rest comfortably while receiving continuous, monitoring.”

“We are pleased to provide enhanced quality of care, while at the same time allowing improved performance, which clearly puts Medivet at the forefront of patient care and client service via innovating technology,” noted Dr. Asaf Dagan, DVM, Diplomate ABVP (Canine and Feline practice), and PetPace’s Chief Veterinarian. “The success of the PetPace implementation is truly a testament to the sensitivity and innovation of the Medivet caregivers.”

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