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Petmate-Bissell Pet Network Partnership Delivers Kennels to Shelters

Glenn Polyn//July 24, 2020//

Petmate-Bissell Pet Network Partnership Delivers Kennels to Shelters

Glenn Polyn //July 24, 2020//

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Press release: Petmate

To encourage pet adoptions and raise awareness about the benefits of plastic kennels for pet owners, Petmate is partnering with the Bissell Pet Network to provide much-needed resources and educational tools to shelters across the country which are dedicated to ending pet homelessness.

To aid the Bissell Pet Network in its goal of ensuring that every pet has a loving home, Petmate will donate three plastic kennels to 100 adoption centers all across the country. Additionally, Petmate will provide educational resources and tools for adoptive pet parents, with a focus on the benefits and usage of plastic kennels. The shelters will act as ambassadors to educate pet parents.

“Petmate is very excited to support the Bissell Pet Network,” said Alice Tillett, CEO of Petmate. “This will allow us the ability to educate animal shelters and new pet parents with guidance on the benefits of plastic kennels when they welcome home their new pet as part of their family.”

“We know that rescue groups and shelters are always understaffed, underfunded, and need our help. And we know that by helping those organizations, we will be directly saving more pets’ lives. So, through the Bissell Pet Network, we have created programs with industry partners to do just that,” continued Eric Theiss, Animal Welfare Specialist at the Bissell Pet Network.

“The Petmate team has always been focused on helping these groups, so we knew this would be a perfect partnership. Together, we decided to launch a program that would help organizations by providing them with much-needed kennels, carriers, and other pet supplies, while also educating pet parents on the benefits of using plastic kennels. The team at Petmate has been incredibly generous with the program and the groups love being a part of it.  And with puppy and kitten season in full swing, this program couldn’t have come at a better time.”