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PetHub Commemorates Lost Pet Prevention Month

Pet Age Staff//June 15, 2015//

PetHub Commemorates Lost Pet Prevention Month

Pet Age Staff //June 15, 2015//

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PetHub, Inc. is commemorating “National Lost Pet Prevention Month.” Established by PetHub in 2014, the annual event is designed to give pet parents focused, in-depth resources, tools and strategies for preventing a lost pet, as well as advice for getting them home quickly if they go AWOL (absent without a leash).

According to the National Council of Pet Population Study & Policy and the National Humane Society, a family pet is lost every two seconds in North America. The organizations also reports that more than 10 million pets are lost each year and one out of three pets will be lost during its lifetime. However, only one in 10 pets is found. Such daunting statistics spurred PetHub to create National Lost Pet Prevention Month in order to start a national conversation and educational campaign to increase awareness of the lost, stolen and/or missing pet epidemic.

“We were very pleased with the level of social media engagement this event generated in 2014,” said Tom Arnold, CEO of PetHub. “Every year, we aim to take the conversation deeper, so more lives can be saved. Designating July as National Lost Pet Prevention Month underscores PetHub’s dedication to our one and only mission – getting lost pets home as quickly as possible.”

For the program’s second year, PetHub will be providing a number of comprehensive resources on its website,, including tools and expert advice for pet owners, an action pack for businesses and educators about lost pet prevention and recovery, a “Tales of the Lost & Found” story contest and a media kit for bloggers and reporters interested in the topic.

The National Lost Pet Prevention Month website features a number of articles and infographics about lost pet prevention and lost pet recovery – including those from a variety of experts on the topic like Project Blue Collar, Pet Sitter’s International, and Preventative Vet. Topics range from “What You Need to Know to Prevent Pet Theft,” to “Five Ways Knowing First Aid Can Help Save a Lost Pet,” to “How to Corral Your Adventurous Dog,” among many others regarding microchips, tags, traveling, and online solutions.

“Pets are outside more and travel plans are in full swing, so the potential for pets to go missing spikes in July and August,” said PetHub director of marketing, Lorien Clemens. “We wanted to raise awareness of this issue in a way that would benefit and educate pet parents, but also allow them to easily spread the word to friends and family.”