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Petfood 2.0 Expo Addresses Science of Pet Food

Pet Age Staff//April 7, 2014//

Petfood 2.0 Expo Addresses Science of Pet Food

Pet Age Staff //April 7, 2014//

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VIRGO’s Animal Nutrition Insights & SupplySide, is expanding its platform to include Petfood 2.0, a new trade show that will focus on the science of formulation, packaging and distribution around the innovation of products for the new pet food industry.

It will take place Sept. 23 – 24, at the Hilton Chicago.   Online registration opens April 29, and early bird pricing is $299.

“The progress in the industry is based on formulation, packaging and distribution, moving at a rapid pace not seen since the early days of pet domestication, with new science based nutritional ingredients, streamlined distribution through retail and the web, supply chain sustainability and packaging achievements, the global pet food market has been disrupted,” John Siefert, CEO, VIRGO Publishing, said. “For this reason, we have launched Petfood 2.0, the new standard for an evolved industry that needs relevant and fresh thinking to propel the global market forward.”

Petfood 2.0 is all about the science.  The science of formulation means exploring the research behind the ingredients, the R & D, testing requirements, manufacturing capabilities, sensory investigation and more.  The expo will delve into the science of packaging and the issues surrounding food safety, shelf life, technologies, marketing and sustainability.

It will also examine the supply chain, sourcing and how products are taken to the marketplace.

Horn, Kemin and DuPont, all large suppliers to pet food manufacturers, have already secured exhibit space.

Horn’s Animal Wellness team is excited to be part of the new Petfood 2.0 event put on by Virgo,” Lisa Alley-Zarkades, vice president, commercial development, Horn Animal Wellness, said.  “Horn has a long history of distribution and supply chain management in combination with partnering with top suppliers with a serious focus on bringing science and nutritional innovations to the pet industry.  This allows us to bring these innovations to various key manufactures who want to make a difference. The format of Petfood 2.0 will allow for those with similar goals to innovate, to meet in one place, and to create and network very efficiently.  We look forward to being part of a new concept.”