Petco Expands Exclusive Shop-in-Shop Partnership With Canadian Tire

Glenn Polyn//February 15, 2023//

Petco Expands Exclusive Shop-in-Shop Partnership With Canadian Tire

Glenn Polyn //February 15, 2023//

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Press release: Canadian Tire Corporation

Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC) recently announced its continued expansion of Petco shop-in-shops across the country through its exclusive retail partnership with Petco Health and Wellness Company. This investment enables CTC to further tap into Canada’s $5.3 billion pet market and expand its exclusive Petco product assortment through dedicated store space. Petco shop-in-shops are now featured in over 80 percent of Canadian Tire stores and are planned to grow to 90 percent by this summer.

“With 60 percent of Canadian households home to a family cat or dog, pet is an important product category with strong potential for growth rooted in value, relevance and trusted brands for our customers,” said Michael Magennis, senior vice president of general merchandising at Canadian Tire Retail. “Since partnering with Petco in 2018, we have seen double-digit growth in the category with a marked increase in customers shopping the pet category for the first time.”

This expansion will give more Canadians access to a broadened and exclusive offering of Petco’s premium pet products – including Petco’s fast-growing WholeHearted line of premium pet food and treats, and its popular lifestyle and fashion brand for pets, Reddy. The shop-in-shop experience will also feature a variety of additional Petco brands, including SoPhresh pet litters and litter accessories, and Well & Good, a pet care line with a wide range of expert-formulated, high-quality first-aid solutions, remedies and grooming products and tools.

CTC’s investment in the pet category is a core part of the renewed Canadian Tire store concept and broader product assortment being rolled out as part of the company’s Better Connected strategy.

“Canadian Tire’s legacy as one of the go-to retailers for living, playing, fixing, automotive and seasonal products has cemented them as a household name in Canadian homes. Through our exclusive expanded partnership with Canadian Tire, we’re growing awareness of, and access to, Petco’s health and wellness products within Canada’s dynamic and rapidly growing pet market,” said Petco chief merchandising officer Amy College. “Four years after our teams brought this exciting and innovative concept to pet parents, the continued growth of our partnership speaks to pet parents’ deep confidence in Petco’s pet care expertise, as well as the power and reach of Canadian Tire’s connection with the local market. These shop-in-shops will continue to bring innovation to existing Canadian Tire pet parents and attract new customers for years to come.”

Petco is a category-defining pet health and wellness company. It has become a trusted source for high-quality, premium pet products, services and veterinary offerings online and in 1,500 pet care centers across the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico.