Pet Parents Expands Team to Invest in Pet Parent Education and Awareness

June 14, 2018

Pet Parents, a manufacturer of premium washable dog diapers, washable dog belly bands and washable pee pads has hired Micka Virtudazo to lead Pet Parents’ efforts in creating content that aids in the education of pet parents. The company prides itself on being a team of normal, everyday, pet parents just like the customers it serves. Like most pet owners, they treat and care about their pets like family. Because of this, they like to be informed about the various topics that are important to safely and happily raise their pets.

Comprised of committed pet owners who have raised or are raising a handful of pets themselves, Pet Parents has expanded its team to include Virtudazo, a writer, to help craft and distribute content to educate and solve the problems fellow pet parents face every day and how Pet Parents products help solve those problems.

Virtudazo is a well-accomplished, seasoned professional writer with nine years of experience writing for high-pressured environment of organizations and companies.

She has a degree in development communication, major in developmental journalism.

“This is a great opportunity for me, to be writing in line with something that I love,” Virtudazo said. “I am a pet parent myself with 13 American bullies at home.”

She says this opportunity is a great way for her to be able to help out other pet parents to do well in raising their pets. For her, connecting with dogs emotionally and physically can be amazing, but there’s a lot of work that goes into building a great relationship.

“We have a kennel because we couldn’t keep everyone inside the house,” Virtudazo said. “But on specific days, we’d love to keep them all in or bring them to travel but there are a lot of things to be considered. What if they mark territories inside the house? Or urinate inside the car? That’s why we have found a great need for dog diapers but disposable ones are too costly over the long run, especially when you consider we have 13 furbabies at home and we didn’t know there were washable dog diapers available.pet parents

“Once this opportunity presented itself, I was surprised, informed and excited about the opportunity to help inform fellow pet parents about these wonderful products and all the ‘problems’ they help solve,” she added.

“At Pet Parents, we’re heavily customer-centric. For us, that means fanatical customer service, continuous customer feedback collection, highly optimized and data driven product development. It means truly having a grasp of the pulse of our categories and a deep understanding of the problems our customers face,” said Blake Anderson, founder/managing director of Pet Parents.

“This position has opened my eyes on how dedicated this company is, on how customer-orientated we are on understanding our customers and their needs. I have learned a lot of things about what our products specifically do and solve,” Virtudazo said. “It has offered me an incomparable level of awareness and expertise about the day-to-day problems pet owners face, some of which I have yet to encounter raising my 13 bullies such as, post-surgery protection, GI issues, UT issues, yet has also shown me how well our products solve problems I’m well experienced in such as dogs in heat, housebreaking and potty training.”.

“We’re heavily invested in our customers and in the success of our products meaningfully solving our customer’s problems. At the root, we care that our fellow pet parents are educated and get the answers they need to the problems they have, and also how our products can help,” Anderson said. “Therefore, we’re expanding our team, with Micka, to double down on our commitment to creating and distributing content that surrounds our categories, to better educate our customers, our retail partners, and all fellow pet parents.”

This investment on expanding the Pet Parents team is heavily focused on enlightening fellow parents about their questions, concerns and the problems they face that Pet Parents products specifically solve.

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