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Pet Palette Announces National Distribution Partnership with Suchgood

Julia Rivera//May 28, 2021//

Pet Palette Announces National Distribution Partnership with Suchgood

Julia Rivera //May 28, 2021//

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Press release: Pet Palette

Pet Palette, a national distributor of wholesale pet products, has recently formed a distribution partnership with Suchgood, a manufacturer of new advanced brushless dental care solutions. Pet Palette will be carrying their Dental Breath Sprays, Oral Care Gel and Water Additive varieties.

“At home dental care for pets can be intimidating for some pet owners as most animals do not enjoy having their teeth brushed. Suchgood products make it easy to add a pet’s dental care to their daily routine, mostly without them even noticing. We’re excited to share this new brand with our retailers,” said Ron Metzger, president and COO of Pet Palette.

Suchgood products are formulated with all-natural, clinically proven ingredients to fight plaque, freshen breath and support a pet’s overall health and wellness. They promote whole mouth health through preventative and proactive tongue, gum and tooth care which ultimately means fewer vet visits.

Their tasteless oral care spray is a convenient way to combat plaque and tartar, fighting the bacteria that cause bad breath and leaving pets happier and healthier. Oral care gel is an easy and hassle-free way to clean and care for a pet’s teeth and gums, fighting bad breath and removing plaque and tartar build-up. Lastly, their water additives are clinically proven to freshen breath and fight plaque and tartar as well. One capful in a pet’s water bowl equals a happy and healthy mouth, and it’s completely tasteless and odorless so pets won’t even know it’s there.

All these brushless pet dental care products can be found on Pet Palette’s newly renovated website. Pet Palette is a family-owned, independent retailer-focused national wholesale distributor that offers a low minimum order, free shipping options and top of the line products that are generally not available to the mass market.