Pet Living and Marketing Expert Kristen Levine Launches E-Book in Honor of National Dog Week

September 22, 2016

Kristen Levine, pet living expert and author, announced the launch of her new, free e-book, “Build a Strong Bond with Your Dog: For a Healthy Mind, Spirit, Body & Community,” which is now available for download. The launch is in honor of “National Dog Week,” which takes place from September 18-25.

The publication details how the human-animal bond between man and dog can provide a healthier mind, spirit, body and community. It is the second in Levine’s series of e-books, after “Beginner’s Guide to Influencer Marketing for Pet-Friendly Businesses,” and the first to target pet parents. Levine is planning several more free pet lifestyle and care guides this year for both consumers and the business-to-business audience.

“When you’re spending quality time with your dog, you’re probably not focused on anxiety relief or cardiovascular health,” said Levine, who is also the founder of Kristen Levine Pet Living, an online platform promoting health and happiness through pets. “However, even though it may not be the first thing on your mind when you’re walking, playing or snuggling with your pup, there are an amazing number of ways the human-dog bond can benefit you.”

The e-book is divided into chapters titled “Healthier Mind,” “Healthier Spirit,” “Healthier Body,” and “Healthier Community.” Each chapter then provides scientific findings about how the human-dog bond benefits each area, personal anecdotes that relate to each category, and tips on how to incorporate additional bonding experiences into daily routine with your dog to get the most out of the time together.

“Benefits to your body might be obvious because of the physical exercise you get from walking or playing with your dog, but there are mental advantages as well,” Levine said. “Bonding with your dog improves your mood and sleep patterns and reduces both stress and anxiety. Problems in these areas frequently cause or contribute to cognitive impairment.”

The Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI) Foundation is a nonprofit research and educational organization that focuses on gathering, funding, and sharing scientific research to demonstrate the positive health impacts of companion animals. Currently, HABRI is conducting research into how the human-animal bond can help with health conditions such as allergies, heart disease and cancer.

“A dog truly can change the way you see the world,” said Gila Kurtz, a dog trainer and founder of the Dog is Good lifestyle brand, who is featured in the book. “If you let them lead you, they can transform the way you experience life on a daily basis.”

Some of the real-life examples in the book include Henry, a therapy dog who assists special needs students in Detroit; a recent divorcee whose two dogs helped mend her broken heart; a woman diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis whose pets give her a sense of purpose and keep her active; and a town in Alaska called Huslia, which started a youth dog sled program and saw their village transform positively as a result.

Build a Strong Bond with Your Dog: For a Healthy Mind, Spirit, Body & Community is available for free download at: https://kristenlevine.clickfunnels.com/bond-with-your-dog.

For more information about Kristen Levine or Kristen Levine Pet Living, visit www.kristenlevine.com.

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