Pet Leadership Council Speaks on NJ’s Just Pups Case

August 1, 2017

The following is a statement from Bob Vetere, president of the Pet Leadership Council, regarding the New Jersey Attorney General’s settlement in the Just Pups case.

“As leaders representing the nation’s pet community, the Pet Leadership Council (PLC) applauds this week’s decision by the New Jersey Attorney General to settle the Just Pups case and to prohibit that particular company from further business operations.

“Those of us who work within the pet community recognize our moral and ethical obligation to provide proper care of the animals we raise – and we take it very seriously.

“We agree with the public and with legal and regulatory authorities that strict, swift enforcement was needed, and we are pleased to see this case come to an appropriate conclusion.

“The negligent practices of Just Pups blatantly disregard the rigorous expectations and high standards maintained by the responsible, committed companion animal businesses that work each day to assure the health and well-being of animals and to provide healthy pets for families across the country.

“Compliance with state and federal animal welfare laws and regulations is the responsibility of every pet breeder, distributor and retailer. Many more participate in various customer-based and third-party animal care programs to further assure the well-being of companion animals. Actions like those of the Just Pups owners not only ignore these rules, but also disrespect the dedication of thousands of people in the United States who work tirelessly every day to ensure pets have humane care throughout their lives.

“PLC, along with our stakeholders, will continue to support strong, workable solutions that ensure the health and welfare of pets and maintain a vibrant pet community. That is our responsibility.”

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