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Perch, Purina Launch In-Store Digital Platform for Pet Product Engagement

Glenn Polyn//June 17, 2021//

Perch, Purina Launch In-Store Digital Platform for Pet Product Engagement

Glenn Polyn //June 17, 2021//

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Press release: Perch

The largest lift-and-learn deployment of Perch-powered displays in grocery and pets explain products the moment shoppers touch them on the shelf using computer vision

Purina has partnered with retail marketing platform leader Perch to launch a next generation in-store product engagement platform at 200 supermarket locations in the midwest. The interactive end caps in the pet section seamlessly incorporate a digital screen that automatically senses what products shoppers touch to respond with videos and information about that very product – without having to scan a QR code, touch a screen, download an app or take any additional action. Using Perch’s “lift-and-learn” technology, shoppers can get more information about Purina products to help them find the right products for their pets by simply touching them, as if they had clicked on them online.

“We are excited to have a storytelling platform in the pet category that communicates Purina’s expertise and commitment to providing the leading products that keep pets safe, happy and healthy,” said Kenneth Endermuhle, Purina’s Manager of Category Experience Design. “With Perch, we can deliver the right product message at the right time, at the point of consideration, so that Purina can stand out where the majority of shoppers purchase pet products – in-store.”

Purina will be able to update digital messaging and is launching initially with education on the Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge, showing pet owners the healthy difference Purina ONE products can make in their pets in just 28 days. It includes product category information and mobile integration into an augmented reality experience as well.

Perch’s digital engagement platform uses computer vision to detect product behavior at the shelf, anonymously detecting the presence of shoppers, what products they touch and what content they engage with to bring in videos, ratings and reviews and product information for every product on the shelf, uniting the digital content shoppers crave with the physical products on retail shelves. Perch’s AI-powered approach drives 5 to 10 times the engagement of traditional digital signage and 30-130% sales lifts according to case studies in beauty, CPG, accessories, department stores and now grocery, where this partnership represents the largest “lift-and-learn” deployment in both grocery and the pet category.

“We are excited to extend our partnership with Purina, a recognized innovator in the pet category.  With Purina’s partnership, Perch now provides the most advanced in-store technology to help pet shoppers discover products and connect more deeply with the brands they love,” said Perch CEO Trevor Sumner. “We live in the most exciting era of retail where technology and shopper marketing behavioral data are unlocking new ways for brands and retailers to collaborate and rapidly improve shopper experiences.”