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Pan Pacific Pet, eTailPet Bring E-commerce to Canadian Retailers

Glenn Polyn//June 2, 2020//

Pan Pacific Pet, eTailPet Bring E-commerce to Canadian Retailers

Glenn Polyn //June 2, 2020//

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Press release: eTailPet 

eTailPet has been successfully helping independent pet retailers create online storefronts within the United States and is now expanding its borders to Canada with the help of Pan Pacific Pet, one of the largest pet distributors in western Canada.

Pan Pacific Pet has been a driving force in supporting independent Canadian pet retailers since 1986. They have changed the game for pet retailers they work with by providing the latest up to date technologies, and now they are adding another element to their offerings. Working with eTailPet allows them to introduce an online storefront option to independent pet retailers across Canada.

“For over ten years I’ve been searching for a solution that would enable pet retailers in Canada to quickly and easily go online with a platform that is user friendly and tailored to their needs. eTailPet is that solution!” said Phil Klaassen, CEO of Pan Pacific Pet.  “Bere and her team have developed and implemented this over the past two years and now, in the past month, it has been updated to allow Canadian pet specialty retailers full access to its invaluable solution.” 

eTailPet has been a bridge to bring independent retailers closer to their customers online which helps grow the neighborhood pet industry as a whole. The company has filled a critical gap in the marketplace for independent pet retailers. eTailPet’s e-commerce platform allows independent pet retailers to quickly and easily set up an online store and offer their customers a vast number of products with a few clicks of a button.

“We are excited to work together with Pan Pacific Pet in Canada, we have been empowering independent pet retailers in the US and we are happy to bring those same resources to Canada,” said Berenice Giannini, Founder of eTailPet. “We want to build the pet industry worldwide and e-commerce is the perfect way to level the playing field for independent pet retailers that have owned shops for generations.”

According to eTailPet, this will prove to be a game changer for independent pet retailers in Canada that are struggling to compete with the big box stores and large online competition. An online presence gives independent retailers options for their customers to connect with them in a variety of ways and conveniently get the products they need for their four-legged family members.

eTailPet was founded by a former independent pet retailer and an independent pet distributor to empower the independent pet community in the digital age. In today’s evolving retail environment, retailers must offer convenient shopping options and connect with their customers on a digital level. eTailPet’s mission is to facilitate online sales for independent pet retailers. 

Pan Pacific Pet was founded in 1986, they are one of the largest distributors of pet products in western Canada. They house over 5,000 products in over 130,000 square feet of warehouse space, including a brand new 120,000 cubic foot drive in freezer. Pan Pacific Pet continues to bring innovation to independent pet retailers through training, vendor relationships and new technology to drive business to local retailers.