October 1, 2014

First is the demand for all-natural, healthful products, which has been growing rapidly in the human health and beauty aid market. Second is an increasing demand for spa products that address a specific need. Like wrinkle creams and foot lotions, general-purpose spa products are being replaced by highly-targeted treatments. Finally is the demand for luxury items that provide an opportunity for pampering.

In the human spa industry, there’s been an increased demand for all-natural products. The spa products segment is seeing growth in natural products and naturally-derived ingredients.

“In the future, the emphasis on natural will continue to grow,” said Steven Shweky, at Fetch…for pets!.   “Consumers are becoming more and more dedicated to using natural and environmentally friendly products for their pets.”
That trend, which emerged in the human health and beauty category first, is driving product development for Burt’s Bees Natural Pet Care. According to Shweky,

“The line uses carefully selected, premium ingredients,” said Shweky. “Products feature the power of nature with components like buttermilk, chamomile, lavender, and honey.”

The Burt’s Bees Natural Pet Care Products contain no parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, synthetic fragrances or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

“Products meet the authoritative NPA natural standard and are both ecological-friendly and environmentally friendly,” he said.

Puppy Focus

Another growth area is in needs-specific spa grooming products. The new launch of puppy products from earthbath meets the needs of puppy owners who want a spa product formulated specifically for the young animal.

“We created earthbath puppy products because we know how sensitive a puppy’s skin and coat can be in those formative months,” said Paul Armstrong, president of earthbath. “We also know how puppy parents want to treat their little ones to the safest and most mild natural grooming products available.”

This full line of grooming products has been specially formulated for use on puppies. The Puppy Shampoo is free of SLS/SLES, soap, parabens and phthalate and is made in the USA with all-natural human-grade ingredients. This shampoo is naturally nontoxic, soap free, biodegradable, free of artificial dyes and fragrances, and pH balanced for a puppy.

In addition, the line includes Puppy Grooming Wipes, which are made with aloe vera, Hawaiian awapuhi extract and vitamin E to moisturize and condition coat and skin. A Deodorizing Spritz rounds out the line, and colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera and vitamin E to shine and soften coats.

Specific Issues

Burt’s Bees has seen success in their needs-specific line that addresses skin problems.

“We have a number of products in the line that have been both successful and popular, more specifically, the products that soothe a dog’s skin,” said Shweky. “We developed products like these because over 80 percent of dogs experience a skin problem, typically dry skin, dandruff, skin flaking and dog skin allergies.”

“It was our goal to offer natural solutions that are formulated to help maximize your pet’s well-being and the world around you. Our top performers include a Hot Spot Shampoo and Spray, Anti-Itch Shampoo and Spray, Hypoallergenic Shampoo, Soothing Skin Shampoo and Soothing Skin Cream.”

The final emerging trend in this segment is the demand for specialty, luxe products that pamper a pet. This has been the primary driver of the human spa industry, and it’s appearing throughout pet spas.

Dog Fashion Spa offers Gentle Eye Pads that come packaged in a container that looks like a high-end eye cream, which appeals to the consumer seeking out these specialty options. Likewise, the brand’s Crystal Glass Nail file, designed specifically for trimming dog nails, is sleek and elegant, while still providing the function.

Warren London combines the demand for solutions-based products with the increase in specialty items with their grooming lines that address Skin and Coat, Itchy Skin, Odor, Ear and Face and Paw problems. In the Paw Solutions line, they offer a product specific for pampering, the Deep Cleaning Paw Fizz Tablets with White Tea Tree Oil. Like a foot soak at the spa, these tablets provide deep cleaning and sanitizing of feet and paws, while conditioning and softening the feet and nails.

Madra Mór does the same, linking the luxury spa experience of a mud treatment with the needs-specific formulations. The Mobility Mud uses peppermint and menthol to provide relief from minor aches and pains. The Shed Safely and Flea Relief formulas provide specific services, too, while the Soothing Mud is an all-purpose indulgence.

Retailers should stock their shelves with varieties that cover these trends. By selecting products that achieve one or a combination of these major drivers, retailers will be able to provide spa-loving customers with the right solution to pamper her pet.

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