OurPet’s Company Introduces Formula 3 Times Stronger than Traditional Catnip

March 19, 2018

OurPet’s Company is launching its proprietary OurPets Cosmic Gold Catnip Nuggets, a breakthrough formula of catnip that is up to three times stronger than traditional catnip.

The new, more potent catnip formulation will be introduced at Global Pet Expo 2018. OurPet’s Company worked in collaboration with a privately held horticulture company and a leading agricultural research university to bring the new, heartier catnip formulation to market.

After years of research and testing, the new formulation of catnip is a one-of-a-kind, non-GMO catnip seed that produces a hardier plant with the highest amount of aromatic oil known to the marketplace. The aromatic oil has a special composition that is rich in the bioactive compound nepetalactone, the key ingredient in catnip that drives cats crazy with pleasure. While the aromatic oil consists of many compounds, it is the nepetalactone that triggers cats’ playful behavior. In standard catnip plants, the aromatic oil tends to break down quickly, making the catnip less effective. The new Cosmic Gold formulation produces up to three times as much catnip oil, making better, more enjoyable and longer-lasting catnip.

“We are pleased to launch Cosmic Gold Catnip Nuggets at this year’s Global Pet Expo. Pet parents will be thrilled with the opportunity to provide their cats with this more effective catnip formulation that will be certain to provide them with hours of pleasure and entertainment,” said Dr. Steve Tsengas, president and CEO of OurPet’s Company.

OurPet’s Company harvests the plant at its peak potency and extrudes it through a proprietary process. The process encapsulates the inner aroma of the catnip oil into each individual, no-mess nugget. Cosmic Gold Catnip Nuggets are grown, harvested and produced in the U.S.A. and are tested safe for cats. The catnip nuggets are a great treat and are perfect for adding an enticing scent to a pet’s favorite toy.

Attendees of the Global Pet Expo 2018 are invited to visit booth #2535 for a sample of Cosmic Gold Catnip Nuggets and to view new electronic toys, feeding solutions and waste management solutions from the OurPet’s Company. OurPet’s spokespeople will also be available to answer any questions.


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