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New Owners Take Over Ferret Depot

Pet Age Staff//December 24, 2019//

New Owners Take Over Ferret Depot

Pet Age Staff //December 24, 2019//

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Press release: Ferret Depot

Ferret Depot, an original and iconic online ferret supply store, has been bought by ferret enthusiasts to serve as a central hub to shop, share content and promote ferret ownership. The new management team is comprised of dedicated individuals committed to working alongside the community to provide product selection, service and support to build “Your Ferret’s Superstore.”

“We were blessed with the opportunity to take over Ferret Depot and are excited to begin serving ferret-loving families,” says new owner Jay Hale. “I grew up with ferrets, and to our team, ferrets are an integral part of the family. Our team is bringing excitement and vision to create Your Ferret’s Superstore and this iconic online brand will not just serve as a trusted place to shop but to provide a place to engage with meaningful content and information while advocating for ferrets and ferret families everywhere.”

Ferret Depot is committed to a growing selection of products to help give ferrets what they need through trusted partners. Ferret Depot hosts a selection of known food, nutrition, health products in addition to home accessories and time-honored toys ferrets love.

“Community involvement is a central key to the building phase of Ferret Depot,” says Hale.“We will be soon launching our ambassador team and seek to connect with those who love creating content and advocating for ferrets across the country.”