April 2, 2014

We recently sat down with Rick Blomquist, vice president and general manager of PBI-Gordon Well Animal Group, to talk about the company’s recent formation and its commitment to the pet industry.

Q: Tell us about the recent formation of the PBI-Gordon Well Animal Group, and how it created a larger family of pet products to provide complete pet care.

Blomquist: With the Lambert Kay, Prozyme and Trophy pet care product lines, PBI-Gordon held a portfolio of brands with solid consumer loyalty for more than 60 years. The recent acquisition of PetAg further strengthened our foundation through complementary products that also have strong trade and consumer brand equity.

With our combined resources and brand strength, we are well positioned to provide unique and profitable business opportunities for our customers, and new solutions for consumers.

Q: You are very passionate about providing the pet community with great product lines. How does that mission play into your everyday work?

Blomquist: We’re fortunate to have a team of people engaged in the business and who understand the value that our products offer pet parents. They use them personally and can appreciate the consumer experience.

When we joined the PBI-Gordon and PetAg teams, it was a natural cultural fit because the passion and level of engagement was the same. From our staff veterinarian and Ph.D. nutritionist, who together guide our product development, to marketing and sales teams that diligently seek to understand consumer needs and ultimately bring our products to market, through the entire organization, the expectation remains the same —our products always provide effective, quality solutions for consumers

Q: The company has recently gotten involved with some charitable organizations. Tell us a little about that work.

Blomquist: We are all pet lovers at Well Animal Group, so we are thrilled to be the sponsor of the new Barkleigh Rescue Round-Up Invitational in 2014. It’s important to us as an organization to help find homes for the millions of abandoned pets, and also educate pet owners on proper pet health care in the process.

We will also be donating products throughout the year to a number of local rescue organizations when we’re on the road attending various trade shows, knowing that these donations can make a substantial difference to their day-to-day operations.

Q: What’s your business philosophy when it comes to running the company?

Blomquist: Lead with key stakeholders, consumers, customers, employees and owners, and their expectations top-of-mind. Our vision, strategies and tactics must address these expectations in a responsible and sustainable fashion.

It takes a team with an appropriate culture to successfully build a business. Having bright, self-starting and passionate team members is essential. We are fortunate to be an employee-owned (ESOP) company, and as such, have engaged owners that share the attributes of our employees.


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