New Line of Luxury Pet Products

Pet Age Staff//November 13, 2013//

New Line of Luxury Pet Products

Pet Age Staff //November 13, 2013//

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Renowned pet furniture designer, Corey Drew, introduced, Architect Pets, a new line of luxury pet items.

The Architect Pets line currently features luxury dog beds, pet feeders, cat scratchers and will later expand to include exclusive pet toys, carriers and other must-have accessories for the pet and home.

“Our goal is to revolutionize the pet industry with the staple pieces of our brand, which are designed to withstand the test of time through both their visual appeal and craftsmanship,” Drew, CEO and chief design officer of Architect Pets, said.

Drew was approached by his now invested manufacturing partner to develop a new brand of pet furniture and accessories. This ultimately led to the formation of The Urban Design Group. Over the next few months, Drew worked to gather a network of talented individuals within the creative and diverse city of Savannah to assist him in building The Urban Design Group’s first exclusive brand, Architect Pets.