December 1, 2014

If customers weren’t already excited about these little guys, a new holiday movie, “Santa’s Little Ferrets,” will have them scrambling in to buy one as a holiday surprise.

Alison Parker, director and producer for Santa’s Little Ferrets works directly with the animal actors.

The process for working with ferrets is simpler than one might imagine. Parker obtained the ferrets for the film and then began working with them.

“I have a really good relationship with Marshall Pet Products,” she said. “They usually sponsor my films in one way or another. Sometimes it’s by sending products and on my last film, they actually sent me the ferrets.”

In “Santa’s Little Ferrets,” there are three ferret characters.

“My animal trainer said that if we were going to have three ferrets in the movie, we needed at least six ferrets total so they would each have a backup,” said Parker.

According to Parker, Marshall handpicked out the ferrets for the movie so they all looked identical.

There were two animal trainers on set for “Santa’s Little Ferrets” and the six ferrets. After training, the ferrets responded very well.

“If we wanted them to run from one side of the room to the other, she uses clicker training and she feeds them treats,” said Parker. “Usually they work for their food.”

According to her, the ferrets ate raw food like mice.

“So there was a little tray with beef and they were trained to run when they heard a certain sound and they would go get their food and that’s how we got them to run to the couch and jump up on the couch or end table,” said Parker. “They are running towards the noise so they get a treat.”

Parker has noticed an increase in popularity for ferrets as pets every year.

“I had heard that they were the third most popular pet in the states,” she said. “But it’s an animal that a lot of people don’t know about.”

She also feels like ferrets are misrepresented in the media.

“Ferrets are often shown to be negative. People call them rodents or say they are stinky or they use them as villains in films. They also depict them inaccurately. They use raccoon sounds or little squeaky mouse sounds and I found that really irritating.”

“They say in film to make what you know, so I decided to start making ferret films partly to show what great pets they are,” she said. “I love my ferrets. They sleep on my bed, they play and they are just adorable.”

“It’s harsh when someone will say something to you like ‘Oh gross! I don’t like ferrets.’ I wish people would think about how that would feel. That is why I do what I do,” she said.

“Santa’s Little Ferrets” is now on DVD and can be purchased at SantasLittleFerrets.com. It ships worldwide and works in all regions.

The film will be on TV in 2015.

“They are really cute and handmade,” said Parker.

Parker is also working on a comedy called “Dude, Where’s my Ferret?” that will start filming in March.

“This is my first movie that isn’t a family movie,” she said. “It’s more for teenagers. I am looking forward to reaching them since my last three films have been family films.”


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