New CounterWatch Sentry is a Pet Training and Deterrent System

June 13, 2017

The all-new CounterWatch Sentry is a high-tech cat training and deterrent system that trains and deters cats to stay off of your counters, table tops and furniture; gets them to stop climbing curtains; encourages them to stay away from off limit floor areas; and discourages them from hanging out at your entry door to escape.

According to the company, cats don’t like being squirted/misted with water. CounterWatch Sentry dissociates the pet owners’ use of a water squirt bottle, allowing for the most effective training and deterrent method known, to be used without the pet fearing the pet owner.

The CounterWatch Sentry does not require the buying of expensive canned air refills; easily and quickly refill with water or your favorite deterrent. CounterWatch Sentry has up to three user modes which keeps the cat from assimilating to the same deterrent event, making CounterWatch Sentry highly effective.

The spray and/or audible sound deterrent is triggered by a PIR Infrared Heat Sensor (with a detection range of one to five feet). CounterWatch Sentry utilizes a user settable programmable mode microcontroller that is powered by four long life standard AA batteries. Its small footprint allows CounterWatch Sentry to remain in place and not interfere with pet owners using the counter, table tops and other use areas. CounterWatch Sentry is an ergonomic and aesthetic high-tech cat training and deterrent system designed to please even the most discerning pet owner and solve this age old problem, according to the company.

“If you are in the mind, that squirting your cat is in anyway cruel, CounterWatch Sentry has been designed to be used with our Aromatic Organic Deterrent Scent for use in a non-contact passive-mode,” the company said in a press release.

With decades of bringing innovation to the marketplace, Emerge Products, LLC of Seattle, Washington, a product development firm, newly broadens it product scope, to the pet products industry. The company says it immediately seeks a licensee or partner for the Fall 2017 market season.

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