October 1, 2018

Pygmy cories for everyone! That’s what Nautilus Tropical Fish Wholesale Sales Manager Joe Hiduke says he has after his latest shipment.

“These adorable little guys are like cory cats trying to be a tetra. Most of the exporters in South America consider pygmaeus, hastatus and habrosus interchangeable, so I never really know what I’m going to get till I open bags,” Hiduke said. “This week I got all pygmaeus, which is definitely the fish that I wanted. They’re schooling fish that hang out in the middle of the water column. Great community fish that is small, peaceful, and super cheap”

While not as much in quantity, Nautilus also received sailfin tetras from Peru. According to Hiduke, they are somewhat territorial cave-spawners that tend to their nest.

“When they get a little bigger they get a big sail-like dorsal fin (hence the name), but the ones I got this week aren’t showing that now. They’re definitely more interesting than brightly colored, but they do have an orange-ish stripe and will get some red in their fins,” he explained.

Also from Peru are bleeding hearts. There is also now rummynose, penguins and rosy tetras; pineapple wag swords and marigold swords; and fox cichlids back in stock with albino veils expected to make an arrival soon.

For the first time in a while, diadem acaras are also back in stock. They’re about two inches now with maximum size of around five inches and have a bit of orange in their fins. Hiduke says they “should be OK with decent sized other fish, but when they get bigger they’re likely to squabble with other fish that hang out on the bottom of the tank.”

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