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Nautilus Tropical Receives New Shipment

Pet Age Staff//January 2, 2018//

Nautilus Tropical Receives New Shipment

Pet Age Staff //January 2, 2018//

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According to Nautilus Tropical Sales Manager Joe Hiduke, this time of year is a strong one for fish sales, and the company has received fish to fulfill its customers’ wants and needs.

Nautilus has tank-raised stingrays, a “beautiful and sturdy, fantastic fish that almost never have problems,” according to Hiduke.

The company also received a shipment of Chameleon whiptails from Colombia. Those fish do best on a sand substrate and are omnivorous, need plenty of variety in their diet.

One new Florida fish Nautilus hasn’t seen in months are longfin blushing white skirts.

There’s also kubotai micro-rasboras, which are a perfect nano-fish, around the size of a galaxy rasbora.

“Very peaceful and very pretty, and perfect for the little desktop tanks that your customers got for Christmas,” Hiduke said.

Hiduke also looked back on 2017 as a whole.

“We’ve seen a lot of growth this year, which I know hasn’t been without hiccups,” he said. “I sincerely appreciate the support of our loyal customers, and I hope my staff and myself are taking care of you.”