August 23, 2017

Nautilus Tropical announced a “light week for incoming imports” recently, though also noting that it was a “really good week for incoming cichlids.”

Joe Hiduke, sales manager, also announced arrivals of Haps that were “big, cheap and have awesome color”; and Taiwan reef steveni, Ndiwe fire haps and tangerine tigers that he described as “all domestic fish, not hormone-fed stuff” and male, rather than mixed sex. In addition, Hiduke reported a restock of Cobue afras, clown afras, fuscus, nice medium red-top ndumbis, medium cobalt zebras, OB peacocks, albino flamebacks, and Fossochromis rostratus. Florida mixed peacocks, which are all-male and domestic, are “on special.”

Additional updates reported by Hiduke included sumo loaches, with a “pretty good size, and have a nice red/orange band in the middle.” Hiduke described them as a “small, laid back species with a small mouth… like kuhli loaches as far as compatibility.” The company has also received a shipment of new world cichlids, surinamensis, Geo. Altifrons, and heckeli threadfin eartheaters. At the time of publication, it was also expecting a shipment of chocolate cichlids.

More highlights included:

Tetras and Relatives: ruby tetras and green neons are doing well, having achieved a “nice size”; farm tetras include black phantoms, albino silvertips, albino Buenos Aires, large neons, red-hooks, ember tetras and red nano-tank fish.

Barbs and Relatives: large tiger barbs, albino cherries, veil cherries, gold zebra danios, and giant danios; longfin pearl danios are back in stock, although limited numbers.queen angelfish

Livebearers: platies, including red tux, pearl tux twin-bars, sunset wags, and dawn platies; red lyretail swords (‘vampire swords’), and firecracker swords; velvet wags and neons.

New World Cichlids: gold rams, Bolivian rams, red-spot gold severums, curviceps, gold bocourti, small heckeli and small brasiliensis.

Old World Cichlids: banded chromides Etroplus canarensis; Haps, including albino comps, blue dolphin moori, polys and stonis, Makobe Island nyererei, and Malawi trout Champs; blue neons and aquarium-strain sunshines; mbuna this week include Hara afras, both sizes of albino red-head macs, orange johanni, both sizes of Likoma elongatus, Ngara acei, and medium hongis.

Catfish and Loaches: Syno ‘multipunctatus’, Colombian sharks, pictus, blue panaque plecos, ‘smokey Peckoltia’, false cory cats and clown loaches.

Coral: Euphyllia, torches, frogspawns, and zoanthid frags.

Miscellaneous: longnose gar, flounder, opaline and gold gouramis, pearl gouramis, large millennium rainbows, pygmaeus and featherfin rainbows, feeder crayfish; spotted puffers, green scats, five- to six-inch clown knives, dragonfish, jade gobies, nobel gouramis.

Another update relayed that four different imports had been received from Bali, restocking many fish species. Fish mentioned specifically in the update were Foxfaces, Red Mandarins, several species of shrimp goby and wrasse, Sailfin tangs Hawaiian Yellow tangs, Red Coris Wrasses, Dwarf Lionfish and Copperband butterflies. An order arriving from Brazil restocked the company’s supply of emerald crabs and Queen Angels.

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