Nautilus Receives Nigerian Fish

Pet Age Staff//January 24, 2018//

Nautilus Receives Nigerian Fish

Pet Age Staff //January 24, 2018//

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Last week, Nautilus Tropical Wholesale received a shipment of Nigerian fish that Nautilus Sales Manager Joe Hiduke says is the best he’s ever seen.

“In addition to the common stuff from Africa, I got in some cool oddballs in limited numbers,” he said. “First time I’ve ever had African leaf fish in stock, a bit under 2 inches and looking fantastic. The big delhezi bichirs are very impressive, and I had a bit of a price drop. Also got in some great little fish to go along with all the other nano-tank livestock I’ve been trying to get in here. I have Microsynodontis batesii, a really neat little catfish that stays small and is pretty laid back. Another first, I have Neolebias ansorgei, a neat little African tetra.”

Nautilus also received some jumbo electric blue acaras, pictured here.

“I’ve seen them a little bigger than this but not often, these are a great size and an amazing value,” Hiduke said.

One other farm fish that arrived is the blue kerri tetras.

“Not only the best looking blue kerris I’ve ever seen, but among the best looking tetras I’ve ever had in here. Fantastic size and showing a ton of blue. These are an emperor tetra relative, but a little smaller and a lot prettier when they’re in full color. Max size is around 1.5 inches, and these are every bit of that. Pretty laid back and much like emperors less spastic than many of the little schooling tetras.”


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