Nature Gnaws Partners with Midwest Labs for Quality Assurance

Pet Age Staff//May 10, 2019//

Nature Gnaws Partners with Midwest Labs for Quality Assurance

Pet Age Staff //May 10, 2019//

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Press release: Nature Gnaws

Nature Gnaws, one of the fastest-growing dog chew companies, announced an important alliance with Midwest Laboratories. Nature Gnaws prioritizes the safety and health, and has taken impressive steps to ensure the peace of mind of the consumer. Retaining Midwest Laboratories reassures the quality testing process goes beyond industry standards.

Nature Gnaws is known for single-ingredient natural chews, including bully sticks, pork chews and chicken treats. Once the meat is cleaned with water and baked in FDA-approved kitchens, the chews are sent to Midwest Laboratories, where they provide Nature Gnaws state-of-the-art microbiological tests. These tests provide an extra level of protection, ensuring all products are free from salmonella, e-coli and other bacterial contaminants. This additional step is not required in the industry, but Nature Gnaws believes it’s a necessary step to keep their products safe and nutritious.

“The health and safety of every dog is the cornerstone of our business,” said co-founder Jay Mokbel. “We started this company with the intention of providing transparent products and processes. Every consumer deserves to know what they are giving their dogs.”

As Nature Gnaws continues to expand since going into business only three years ago, they have built an impressive selection of dog chews and bully sticks for furry canines of all types.

All safety-tested, 100-percent natural products from Nature Gnaws are great for dogs, providing a natural alternative to rawhide as well as promoting dental health.


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