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Multi-Unit Pizza Franchisees Pivot from Pizza to Pet Nutrition With Pet Wants of Lincoln

By Pet Age Staff//November 8, 2023//

Multi-Unit Pizza Franchisees Pivot from Pizza to Pet Nutrition With Pet Wants of Lincoln

By: Pet Age Staff//November 8, 2023//

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Press release: Pet Wants

Troy and Jennifer Post are no strangers to the world of franchising. The powerhouse entrepreneurial couple have nearly three decades of experience under their belt as the owners and operators of multiple Nebraska-based Papa John’s franchise locations. Now, fueled by a personal passion to give back to their community, the Posts have set their sights to a new industry — pet nutrition. And who better to partner with than Pet Wants, the only national provider of pet food freshly delivered to customers and one of the fastest-growing pet food franchise concepts.

Last year, the Posts officially sold their portfolio of Papa John’s territories, which included 11 locations overall throughout Nebraska.

“It was a phenomenal journey,” said Troy Post. “But we wanted a change — something different. Right away, the pet sector was where our hearts were pointing.”

As the Posts started researching brands in the pet food space, Pet Wants was a name that stood out to them, both as consumers and as prospective franchise owners.

“Our conviction was confirmed when we ordered some of their food for our dogs — they loved it and their skin improved dramatically too,” added Troy Post. “Their offerings are probably some of the best food out there.”

In addition to the couple’s love for their pets and a longing to offer better nutrition to the animal community, it was a personal and tragic experience that solidified their decision to take the leap into the pet industry.

“We lost our beloved dog, Sadie, recently,” said Jennifer Post. “It was a turning point that really pushed us towards the pet business. Many people don’t realize how vitally important health and nutrition is for their pets. I genuinely believe that if we had known about Pet Wants food back then, Sadie might still be with us.”

Looking ahead, Troy Post says Pet Wants will certainly be a new adventure coming from the pizza world, but many of the couple’s core franchising principles have stayed the same.

“You have to be passionate in what you are selling — that is the only way you can expand to multiple units and be successful,” he added. “That is why we are excited to see where the future leads and we know it will be a great fit. We’re thrilled to be a part of the Pet Wants family. This is just the beginning.”