February 1, 2015

Additionally, litter boxes tend to absorb odors over time. While these offensive scents may be undetectable to a human nose, cats can smell them and it may discourage them from using the box. This gives cat owners yet another good reason to purchase new boxes and simultaneously take advantage of the latest designs and colors available.

Automatic Is In

Odor control and easy waste disposal remain important consumer considerations for a litter box and are the reasons that the automatic litter box category has consistently shown growth in consumer sales.

The main difference between the PetSafe ScoopFree and the SweepOne Advanced Auto-Cleaning Litter Box is the way each disposes of waste and the litter, according to Jason Hart, the company’s director of marketing.

“ScoopFree uses the disposable trays so you never touch the litter,” he said. “It’s a matter of removing the complete litter tray and replacing with a new one. However, the consumer has to use the proprietary tray with crystal litter.”

“The SweepOne can use most clumping litters on the market, so consumers have a litter choice,” said Hart. “The dual rake and spade system, combined with a nonstick surface, does a very efficient job in removing all waste, including that which is on the bottom of the pan. The consumer has to throw away the waste, which is raked into a separate compartment. Again, they can use our litter disposal bags or any other make on the market. It comes down to a choice on price, type of litter and preferred method of waste disposable.”

“We believe the two products complement each other providing excellent options in the market place,” said Hart.

Stylish, Not Stinky

While the Litter Genie continues to offer cat-owning consumers the same features since its original launch in 2012, its color selection has increased in line with popular interior design trends.

“Models sold in pet specialty stores offer a wide variety of colors, including white, silver, navy,” said Tracy Garbowski, brand manager for Energizer Personal Care, the company that manufactures Litter Genie. “We are constantly reviewing industry trends and understanding consumer needs in an effort to provide them with a product that they need in the colors they desire,” she added.

Petmate’s top-entry enclosed litter pan is designed to solve the problem of litter scatter, typical with traditional boxes. It features a generous entry hole to accommodate larger cats and it has a special detachable lid design with a grating that allows litter to fall back through the top when cats exit. There are built-in handles for easy litter changes, and a molded-in hook for litter scoop storage.

“The Booda Dome design has been updated to feature a new lower and larger opening that cats love,” said Emilye Schmale, Petmate’s corporate communications manager. “The filter system has also been redesigned and now uses Petmate’s standard in-line filter,” she said.

Although the range of litter boxes from Marchioro requires manual cleaning, the products still emphasize odor control and easy cleanup.

Marchioro Freecat Maxi Covered Cat Litter Pan is fitted with a filter and odor flap that are both easily removed for cleaning. The filter is designed to absorb odors for three to six months, depending on the box’s daily usage. The style has been designed for both indoor and outdoor use, such as on a patio or balcony. The company’s Kit Cayman 2 is a carrier with additional accessories to turn the unit into a litter box.

Cat behaviorists concur that in multi-cat households, where there may be territorial friction between felines, open litter boxes are a better option because when placed correctly, a cat can see who is coming and going and can avoid being ambushed.

And, the rule is, the bigger the better. The Marchioro’s Koba 4 is a jumbo high-sided box designed to meet such feline household requirements. It also has a lower front entry point to make access easier for older cats.

Van Ness also makes a jumbo high-sided pan in their extensive range, which includes a selection of framed pans to contain litter when the cat exits as well as sifting pans for easy waste removal. High-sided pans are ideal for cats who like to dig.

In addition to all these practical features, the color range of standard litter pans has certainly broadened to cater to all interior design color schemes and the selection available includes everything from basic black and white to more trending silver, orange, green and violet blue.
If you have a cat, you need a litter box. So it may as well look stylish and modern.

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