Manna Pro Rebrands as Compana Pet Brands to Better Represent Portfolio

Glenn Polyn//March 3, 2022//

Manna Pro Rebrands as Compana Pet Brands to Better Represent Portfolio

Glenn Polyn //March 3, 2022//

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Press release: Manna Pro

Manna Pro Products, global leader in pet care and nutrition, recently announced it is now Compana Pet Brands. Compana’s new corporate identity represents its significant growth in scope and scale and its rapid evolution to a modern, diverse pet care company guided by the mission of enriching the lives of pets and their families today and for generations to come.

Over 90.5 million (70 percent) of U.S. households own a pet. Of those, 57.5 million households own multiple pets and 25.7 million own a pet other than a dog or cat. Pet ownership has grown consistently and across all major species, rising to all-time highs the past two years accelerated by increased pet ownership during the pandemic. With no signs of slowing down – and pet humanization and product premiumization now trending across all pet varieties – Compana’s brand identity launches as the company embraces its role as one of the industry’s leading providers for the care and nurturing of all pets.

“No other pet company serves the broad spectrum of pets in the way that Compana does,” said John Howe, CEO of Compana Pet Brands. “We have built an ever-growing portfolio of unique brands that consumers love and trust through quality products, innovation and acquisition, and our ability to provide distinct care and wellness experiences for pets from the backyard to the barnyard throughout their lifespans plays a role in our industry far beyond our successful Manna Pro brand.”

Compana has driven industry-leading growth fueled by innovation, consumer investment and aggressive retail expansion across channels including e-commerce, where it is growing market share across all its key categories.

Acquisitions have also played a key role in Compana’s growth. The company has acquired 15 brands in the past five years and expanded its employee base to approximately 700 passionate pet lovers around the world.

“Acquisitions account for nearly half of Compana’s growth and demonstrate our ability to quickly and successfully integrate new brands and talent into our portfolio while organically growing our customer base and expanding our international footprint,” said Howe. “Despite this rapid growth in scale, Compana has continued to stay nimble with a small company feel supported by a culture of collaboration, transparency and winning.”

Compana has significantly transformed the makeup of its portfolio with a focus on dog and cat brand acquisitions including premium wellness brands such as Nutri-Vet, Vet’s Best and Natural Care, superfood-based Fruitables treats, grooming brand Espree and cleanup brands Simple Solution and Bags on Board. More recently the company has focused acquisition activity on direct-to-consumer brands including premium supplement and wellness brands Doggie Dailies and Dinovite, as well as Bullymake toys and treats for power chewers.

Today, Compana holds a balanced portfolio with roughly half of its business dedicated to dog and cat and the remainder concentrated on other pets such as small animal, backyard chicken, indoor bird, and equine. The company’s most recent acquisition of Oxbow Animal Health, combined with its existing small animal brands, make Compana the largest food manufacturer in the small animal category.

The company’s mission to “nurture what you love” also extends to community and environment with an ongoing commitment to create positive impact on people, pets, and the planet. Compana’s sustainability efforts include responsible sourcing and supplier practices, healthy and nutritious products with more eco-friendly and recyclable packaging, greener operations, and community outreach.

“I’m excited for this next step in our journey under the Compana banner as we look to enhance the lives of more pets than ever,” said Lora Van Velsor, chief marketing officer, Compana Pet Brands. “Pets are good for people, and they are good for families. The work we’re doing as a team is enabling millions of pet owners to express their love for their furry and feathered family members.”

Compana is owned by funds managed by global investment firm Carlyle.





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