November 1, 2014

There are products specifically designed for senior dogs as life spans continue to climb. Stocking your shelves with senior care products can add an entire new source of revenue to your store.

Senior dogs can have accidents. It is all a part of aging. A lot of the time, these accidents can happen while sleeping.

Drymate has an entire line of dog products designed to protect surfaces with absorbent fabric and waterproof bonded backing. It protects seats and floors and is easy to clean with soap and water. The crate and kennel pads absorb all drips.

Quaker Pet Group has recently produced the goDog BedZzz, a dog bed featuring goDog’s proprietary chew guard technology.

“They are machine washable, which is a great solution for easy cleaning with senior pets and also helping to keep them cozy and comfortable,” said Erin Terjesen, principal at Propel Communications. The BedZzz comes in six sizes and two styles to help match any customers’ home décor.

The Sealy Dog Bed is also a product that works well for senior dogs. It has quad layer technology including the PetRest Memory Foam layer that conforms to a dog’s body shape and increases circulation. The Pro Charcoal Base absorbs odor while the Bio Green Orthopedic foam provides freshness.

With three sizes and two styles, the Sealy Dog Bed has good options when caring for a senior dog.

Chewing, Chewing

Senior dogs have more sensitive teeth than adult dogs due to age. They need toys to satisfy chewing while also taking care of teeth. Petstages offers the Mini Cool Chew and the Cool Teething Stick both of which are crunchy when frozen.

KONG provides the specific KONG Senior toy that is an alternative to the regular popular KONG toys. It features a gentle but durable formula that owners can stuff with senior treats to satisfy their dog’s chewing needs. It’s available in small, medium and large sizes to suit every senior dog.

The Chuckit! Soft Indoor Ball is a great option for seniors as it is easier on teeth but also won’t break lamps or mess up walls. Customers can play with their senior dog inside to keep him active and fit while also not over-exerting them.

Senior Treats and Food

Treats are an important part of a senior dog’s life but making sure they are being fed the correct treat can be overwhelming for owners. There are lots of options to not only satisfy a senior dog but also offer lots of health benefits.

Barkworthies has Natural Grilled Chicken Treats that are wheat, corn and soy free and promote healthy teeth and coat. They feature a soft consistency that works well for senior teeth. The treats are also available in flavors like smoked bacon, hickory beef and peanut butter so customers will have a variety when choosing treats for their senior dog.

Another treat for sensitive teeth is the Clean Teeth and Healthy Coat line by Emerald Pet Products. These seafood treats promote clean teeth while also serving as a dental alternative for dogs with sensitive teeth or gums like seniors.

Food is another important aspect in a senior dog’s life. Seniors need extra nutrients and a diet that is low in fat. There are many foods designed with seniors in mind to help them live a more comfortable life.

Senior dogs tend to slow down later in life, much like humans. Proper nutrition is very important.

“Studies show that as dogs age, they require more protein but it must be supplied in a low stress form.” said Jan E. Hale, D.V.M. at TruDog. “Foods that generate the least amount of metabolic stress are whole, raw, unprocessed and in their natural form.”

Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals has a senior formula that’s low in fat but also high in fiber.

“Old dogs need more help in the processing department,” said Larry Berman, founder of Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals. “That way, they don’t get constipated.”

The ingredients also include glucosamine which helps promote joint health.

“Consumers appreciate having these supplements,’ said Berman. “They ask for our brand.”

Purina has done numerous studies on their foods to help provide more energy to the brain of senior dogs.

“What we have indentified is that as the dog ages, it is more difficult for it to get glucose up to the brain cells,” said Dr. Janet Jackson, vice president and director of Nestle Purina Nutrition Research. “We indentified a need, that we needed to provide an alternate source of energy to support brain health.”
Purina’s Vibrant Maturity 7+ formula dog food is made with real chicken and enhanced oils to provide an efficient fuel source for a dog’s senior brain.

“Dogs can have memory loss and confusion, they may forget certain tasks that used to be easy for them,” said Jackson. “There might be some physical issues as well. They may not be able to go up stairs like they used to. Those are some of the signs that we were trying to address with the use of MCTs.”

According to Jackson, MCTs or medium chain triglycerides provide fuel to a pet’s brain.

“This will be coming out in Purina Pro Plan in January 2015,” she said.

Precise Pet Products also offers a senior formula that is low in sodium. With added taurine for promoting healthy heart and vision, Precise Naturals Senior Formula also has L-carnitine to help facilitate weight management.

Solving Mobility Problems

Senior dogs may suffer pain when they do activities that used to come easy. Even jumping up on the bed can prove difficult as joints age.

Even feeding time can cause discomfort. Bergan has elevated feeders that allow pets to eat more efficiently and bend down less. The feeders come in both wood and plastic with three sizes to choose from.

Primetime Petz has a three-level Drawer Step that makes climbing safe and easy for dogs but is also aesthetically pleasing. It has slip-resistant fabric for safety and the lid opens to store pet essentials.

Pet ramps can also be very helpful to senior dogs. Whether getting in the car or on the bed, ramps can improve pets’ lives.

The Solvit smart ramp is perfect for large dogs that have had a lifetime of jumping and running that has done damage on the joints. It reduces joint and back strain for pets as well as their owners. It can be used indoors or outdoors and transports easily.

Solvit also makes lifting aid products to help lift a senior dog into the car, onto furniture, assistance with walking and several other customer needs.

TheCarelift Lifting Harness comes in rear lift only, front lift only and full body lift. The harness can be worn for long periods and supports dogs from the hips and the abdomen resulting in less stress. It is available in two adjustable sizes to fit most any dog.

“This product was designed with senior dogs in mind,” said Gordie Spater, principal at Kurgo. “It offers a full range of motion while supporting the necessary chest and rear points.”

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