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Let’s Go Shopping! David Frei Reports What’s Trending With Dog Parents

By David Frei//September 29, 2023//

Let’s Go Shopping! David Frei Reports What’s Trending With Dog Parents

By: David Frei//September 29, 2023//

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I have nearly 10,000 Facebook friends and followers, some of whom are professional dog people, while others are very knowledgeable and experienced hobbyists. I knew that I had the potential for a lot of great responses when I posted the following request on Facebook: “Give me one product that is in your kennel/home for your dog. Not a home invention, not food, not treats, but an actual product that you bought at a pet supply store or online that you do not want to do without.”  

The response was huge in just a few days. I found all kinds of interesting and potentially useful things, many of which I had never heard of. I could make a career out of this as a pet consumer reporter. That would certainly make my cavalier, True Dat, very happy as my research assistant.  

I have compiled the responses in the grooming, bowls, cleaning and miscellaneous categories, but you can find all original responses on the August post on my Facebook. 



PORTABLE PAW CLEANER BY WELL & GOOD: A rubber cup with little fingers on the side, put a little shampoo and water in it, put your dog’s paw in it, move it up and down and around, rinse the paw, repeat three times, towel dry and you’re ready to go – four clean paws. Perfect product for Seattle. (David Frei, Mary Bennett Harvey) 


THE FURMINATOR: A shedding brush, which comes in small, medium and large. It has an ergonomic handle, a release button when the brush is full. Made in Germany. or just about any pet store. (Janette Mizer, Molly Nye, many others).  


LES POOCHES MAT ZAPPER: The real deal. Matte brush, dematting tool for grooming dogs and cats, removes isolated stubborn mats. (Tracy Roche Williams, Carrie DeJan, Holly Vandewater) 


DILUTING SPRAY GUN FOR WASHING DOGS: It saves a ton of time and product. Just a very small amount of shampoo in the cup and none is wasted. I also use the same sprayer for bleaching my outside patio and washing my car. Car Wash Foam Gun with eight Adjustable Watering Patterns. (Patricia Elkins) 


FLYING PIG BATHTUB: It fits in a regular tub or shower, has hooks for grooming nooses, easy clean-up, comfortable for your back or knees. Various styles and sizes, some foldable vinyl, other similar products. (Stephanie Jones, Tami Doniere Byroads) 


MULTIPURPOSE HOTWAVE HOSE SPRAYER: It never runs out of heated water. For bathing your dogs at home on the patio. (Kathy Lang) 



SLOPPER STOPPER DRIPLESS WATER BOWL : This was designed to eliminate the constant mess and accidental slips and falls; lid design keeps ears, beards, feet and snout dry. (Karen Hughes) 


TOADFISH BOWLS:  It shuts down hockey slap shots to the bowl and the suction bottom keeps them from carrying a full bowl around. (Deborah Kay Wade) 


NEATER FEEDERS: A reservoir catches the drips and is easy to clean, can also be used as a raised diner.  (Robin Murphy) 


FLUFF TROUGH: It is a raised feeding station (and others), especially for seniors who are not as mobile and flexible as they once were. (Lori Pacchiano) 


MESSY MUTTS SILICONE FOOD MAT: It has raised sides so the food and water from our dog’s bowls don’t run out into the floor. Great gifts to friends who have dogs. (Liz Barry Schatzlein) 



KURANDA BEDS: Tough and guaranteed, easy to clean. Options include vinyl and “cute covers.” (Rachel Romano Kelly, Laura Gilchrist, Lorianne Amadeo) 


BIG BARKER DOG BEDS: Ideal for the big dog in your life. (Michele Maranian Curth) 


PRIMO CRATE PADS:  Easy to clean. Dogs love them. (Pat Boldt) 


Cleaning Products 

ODOBAN DISINFECTANT AND AIR FRESHENER CONCENTRATE: A big splash in the dog laundry and in back yard sprayer. (Karolynne McAteer, Sheila Wald) 


Others: Rocco & Roxie Stain and Odor Eliminator (Linda Goldberg Landers); Pet Edge 256 (Becky Rao); POOPH (Susan Rochester, Patty Conlon Ledgerwood); OUT! PetCare Advanced Stain and Odor Remover (Deb West). 


BISSELL LITTLE GREEN MACHINE: It’s perfect for house breaking “oops,” seniors having potty control issues, the occasional sick tummy incident. Also great for spot cleaning beds, food dish mats, the carpet in the car and other dog related messes. (Eve Pickman) 



TOP PAW DOG BOOTIES: It keeps paws clean and dry, and also provides freedom, stability, safety, comfort and longevity for seniors. (Anna Stromberg, Cathy Solino) 


BOW WOW LABS BULLY BUDDY: Bully stick holder safety device helps protect the last three to four inches of the bully stick from being swallowed. (Laurie Cawiezell Friesen, Cathy Reardon) 



David Frei is “America’s Dog Guy,” the co-host of NBC’s National Dog Show Presented by Purina since its inception in 2002. It is the same role that he perfected in 27 years as the longtime (1990-2016) co-host of USA Network’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.