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Lagunitas Brewing Company To Match Donations to Dogs4Diabetics

Pet Age Staff//December 11, 2015//

Lagunitas Brewing Company To Match Donations to Dogs4Diabetics

Pet Age Staff //December 11, 2015//

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Lagunitas Brewing Company has partnered with Dogs4Diabetics (D4D) to match dollar for dollar any donations D4D receives by January 8, 2016 up to $30,000.

To track donations received, D4D has created a crowd funding website (

“We are very excited that Lagunitas Brewing Company has so generously agreed to make these matching donations,” said Christy Gillham, director for Dogs4Diabetics. “This means that any amount anyone sends will go twice as far to save and transform our clients’ lives.”

Dogs4Diabetics is a non-profit organization that trains dogs to use their remarkable sense of smell to detect drops in the blood sugar of insulin-dependent diabetics, often before the change can be detected by existing technologies. D4D also provides placement and follow-up services to the dog and diabetic teams.

“Dogs4Diabetics is dependent on a volunteer staff of 100 individuals including professional trainers for its dogs; foster families to house the dogs through the six month training program; and medical professionals to assist in the selection, training and support of our clients,” said Ralph Hendrix, executive director of Dogs4Diabetics. “We are grateful for the support from the Lagunitas Brewing Company and everyone who makes a donation, as we do not charge for our services and rely on others’ generosity to make these life-saving partnerships possible.”