Kurgo to Replace Any Dog Car Harness Involved in an Accident

March 21, 2017

Kurgo is serious about safety, and it has just announced “Safe Again,” the Kurgo Harness Replacement Program. Through this new program, Kurgo will replace any dog car harness involved in an accident—from any brand.

“We care about pet’s safety, and just like a child car seat, if an auto safety harness for their dog is in an accident, it should be replaced to ensure the pet’s safety in the case of another incident,” said Gordie Spater, Kurgo’s chief business officer and company co-owner.

“We wanted to grow awareness of that fact and we thought the easiest way to do it was to just replace the harnesses,” Spater told Pet Age in an email, via the company’s PR representative. “We also thought we might entice people to get a crash-tested harness if the harness they were using previously were not. We are trying to grow awareness of pet travel safety and increase the number of people restraining their dogs.”

No matter what brand of auto harness involved in the accident, Kurgo will replace it free of charge with one of Kurgo’s crash-tested dog harnesses. To participate, pet owners simply need to:

  1. Fill out Kurgo’s Harness Accident Claim Form
  2. Upload the police report and a photo of the harness
  3. Select which Kurgo crash-tested harness they would like
  4. Within 15 business days, the pet owner will receive their replacement harness

According to Spater, Kurgo has “received a lot of notes saying how grateful people are that [the company is] doing this. Or applauding [Kurgo] for taking this step.”


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