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King Wholesale Partner With CheckUp At-Home Pet Wellness Testing Brand

Glenn Polyn//February 15, 2023//

King Wholesale Partner With CheckUp At-Home Pet Wellness Testing Brand

Glenn Polyn //February 15, 2023//

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Press release: King Wholesale

The King Wholesale team is pleased to announce its partnership with CheckUp, the leading brand in the U.S., for at-home testing and monitoring kits for pets. CheckUp can detect the most common issues among pets, such as UTI and diabetes.

King Wholesale was founded in 1987, with the love of pets and the accessibility of products to care for them in mind. The distributor’s close-knit team is excited to add a new category to its listings and they take pride in nationally distributing simple health detection resources for problems that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Coastline Global, based out of West Chester, Pennsylvania, was founded in 2010 to develop, manufacture and market globally patented products for veterinary, laboratory and pet industries.

Coastline Global’s team has made it their mission to promote health and wellness in the pet sector.

Heather Coots, CEO of King, noted, “We continue to bring on products that represent the growing trend toward healthy pets. Pet owners and retailers are increasingly aware of the welfare of their animals.”

Alon Rosenberg, CEO of Coastline Global, mentions, “We are thrilled with our new partnership with King Wholesale.  We value and share the same mission regarding the health and wellness of pets, and we look forward to a long and bright future together.”