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Keeping Them Clean In Between

Pet Age Staff//January 6, 2014//

Keeping Them Clean In Between

Pet Age Staff //January 6, 2014//

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While the best way to clean up a dirty pet is a full bath, in many cases it is just not feasible to do.

Sometimes, the pet is too ill, or too old to put them through a bath, or many times, a customer just doesn’t have the time, but they still want their pet to be clean and smell fresh.

Waterless and dry shampoos are the perfect answer for this customer. They are easy for owners to use in between baths, cleaning up “emergency situations” and cleaning faces and beards to keep them looking just-groomed fresh and smelling good. For elderly or ill pets this is also a safe, effective alternative to a full bath, which can be stressful for some.

With so many products to choose from, knowing how they work makes it easier for retailers to decide what to carry in their store.

There are three basic types of “bathless” products available for retailers to sell their customers: dry shampoos, waterless shampoos and foaming facial shampoos.

Dry shampoos, like Joey Villani’s Dog’s In Style three-step system, work to remove excessive oils, dirt and freshens the pet’s coat.

These product starts with a spray that emulsifies dirt and helps remove oils. Then are followed with a powder that removes any remaining dirt. The last step is the refreshing cologne to make a pet smell as good as they look.

What the customer ends up with is a clean dog, without worrying about getting the pet wet. This method is good for a fast touch up on dogs when there is no time to take them to the groomer and can be used as an allover cleanser or for spot cleaning.

Waterless shampoos have been around for years and are very popular with both owners and groomers.

John Stazko, a grooming industry icon, and shampoo manufacturer, said waterless shampoos are an invaluable item for most pet owners.

“Waterless shampoo sprays are the ultimate convenience item for pet supply retailers,” he said. “Often customers come in specifically looking for products that will conveniently relieve the pain and hassle associated with grooming and cleaning their pets in between professional grooming. They are formulated for convenient spray and wipe applications like unexpected urine and fecal messes, even blood and grass stains”

Stazko said waterless shampoos work well because, “mild cleaning surfactants are balanced with special conditioners and deodorizers so they will lift dirt and freshen the animals coat without irritating skin or building up on it’s hair. Simply spray, scrub and wipe with a towel.”

Then, there are foaming facial cleansers, which according to several retailers, sell well.

Many of these products contain optical brighteners and detanglers as well as deodorizers. They are perfect for travel, and even daily use after eating. When used regularly, foaming cleansers keep pets clean and smelling good between baths or grooming, and require no rinsing. They are safe around eyes as well.

“We have sold more of the foaming cleansers than we have shampoo of late,” C.C. Council, of Pets and Pals in Georgia, said. ”When it starts to get colder outside we see these products selling more.”

John Paul Pet offers a foaming cleanser, as does Tropiclean, Nature’s Specialties, Nootie and Show Seasons.

Waterless cleaning agents are a big hit with customers who have dogs with facial hair, like Schnauzers and Shih-Tzus, because their faces get smelly and dirty after eating and daily use of a foaming facial cleanser can assist their owners tremendously in keeping their pet clean.

For example, Showseason produces Face Time Foaming Face Wash, a non-rinsing, tearless formula that contains no bleach or peroxide and is gentle enough for touch ups or daily use. It brightens the facial area while leaving a fresh scent, and is safe for use on dogs, cats, puppies and kittens

To combat matting in between baths, TropiClean offers the Tangle Remover, a new formula with a revolutionary way to remove mats, tangles, undercoat, and loose hair from a pet’s coat.

It cuts brushing time in half, while reviving damaged coats, restoring elasticity and leaving hair with a healthy shine.

Great for travel and quick clean ups such as unexpected accidents after vet visits, Natures Specialties offers, PUP-A-LADA, a gentle foaming face and body wash that cleans and brightens coats while leaving a lasting tropical scent.

Nootie offers their Daily Spritz in a variety of fragrances that keep a dog smelling fresh and clean between baths while conditioning the skin and coat. Made with natural ingredients, it’s soap and paraben free.

There are also pre-shampoo treatments that can help make bath time a little easier. One of which is M&J Dog Essentials Pre-Bath Treatment. It is designed to remove dander, minimize odor and replenish the skin, and is part of their three-step bath system designed to pamper a pet while making their skin and coat healthier.

They also have a FreshenUp Cleansing treatment that is designed to be used before bathing and rinsed out. It can be used with or without shampoo and followed up with their FreshenUp tonic to reduce odors further.

– Debi Hilley