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Kathy Ireland, Worldwise, Team Up

Pet Age Staff//March 6, 2014//

Kathy Ireland, Worldwise, Team Up

Pet Age Staff //March 6, 2014//

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Kathy Ireland, CEO and chief designer for kathy ireland Worldwise, also known as kiWW, has unleashed a line of solutions-based home décor pet products for four-legged fashionistas.

Partnering with Worldwise, the team responsible for the line of products from SmartyKat, PoochPlanet and Petlinks, Ireland developed a line of solutions-based home decor pet products. According to Forbes Magazine, kiWW is recognized as one of the country’s most successful design and marketing firms, with revenues topping $2 billion in licensed products annually.

Pet Age spoke with Aimee Diskin, director of innovation and product development at Worldwise, about the kathy ireland Loved Ones collection.

Pet Age: What type of design features make these products stand out in the pet industry?

Diskin: The approach to the line was to offer families intuitive, solution-oriented products that look good in the home environment.

Our goal was to solve both a pet, and pet parent’s, needs through innovation and a very thoughtful analysis of how we interact with our pets in daily life. Our team frequently took an everyday task and asked, “What would make it even more enjoyable, easier, faster?”  Oftentimes, we discovered solutions by just being with our pets. For example, while feeding our pets, we noticed how dirty the wall behind the feeding bowl was. Also, noticing how our dogs and cats slept led to the question of if we had the right bed to match that sleep style. We even examined the in-store experience to make our items more accessible and user-friendly on the shelf.

Kathy’s aesthetic melded seamlessly with the products. This resulted in uniquely beautiful, home décor-friendly cat and dog products with high-quality fabrics and materials to harmoniously fit into any home.

Pet Age: What types of products can we expect to see in the collection?

Diskin: The kathy ireland  Loved Ones collection offers a comprehensive product line for both cats and dogs that encompass: bedding, toys, leads, collars, travel, feeding, watering, scratchers and furniture. The Loved Ones collection offers beautiful, high quality, solution-focused products for the entire home.

Pet Age: What was it like to work with Kathy Ireland and her team?

Diskin: Kathy and her team are great partners and very much a family dedicated to the wellness of pets and connecting with these Loved Ones. kiWW’s mission is “… finding solutions for families … especially busy moms.” Kathy and I are both aware of what it means to be a busy parent of both the two-footed and four-footed children in our families.

Just because we don’t have a lot of time to spare doesn’t mean we don’t want to offer our families the best care possible. If we can save time, solve a problem and have style while doing it, even better.  Throughout the development of the collection we frequently validated the items to make sure there was a solution or benefit offered. If it didn’t have one, it wasn’t going to make the cut.

Pet Age: How did Kathy’s dogs inspire the collection?

Diskin: Kathy has had many animals in her family over the years. Some [were] adopted or rescued, and all [were] part of the family and considered loved ones.  Kathy has said, “We have never thought of ourselves as pet owners, rather, we are the trusted guardians for these very special Loved Ones. kiWW and Worldwise are committed to making the world a better place for all pets and the families who love them.”

There is a portion of the line, Gracie & Delilah, that is inspired by two of Kathy’s dogs that were adopted from her late mentor, Elizabeth Taylor. Gracie & Delilah are world-class Loved Ones that are accustomed to the finest things in life and the Hollywood chic lifestyle. You’ll find some indulgent products in the collection that allow all our Loved Ones to live the indulgent life of Gracie & Delilah.

Pet Age: Can you tell us about the pet advocacy program that will work to raise awareness of the benefits of pet adoption?

Diskin: When you pair a dynamic brand like kiWW along with Kathy’s values and philanthropic support, she stands out in the marketplace. Worldwise shares similar values, so it has been great to work together with kiWW. Kathy and Worldwise are both very devoted and involved in a variety of pet-wellness focused organizations. Our objective is to build awareness through as many organizations as possible.

As examples, we support creating awareness of the benefits of both adoption and rescue organizations that understand the power of emotional bonds, rewards and joys that coincide with pet ownership. Some of the organizations we support are Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation, A Wish for Animals and APPA’s Pets Add Life.

– Stacy Mantle

The kathy ireland Loved Ones collection will feature solution-based pet products.